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‘Elvis’ Composer Blended Austin Butler’s and Elvis Presley’s Vocals Together

In Baz Luhrmann's box-office biopic epic Elvis the aesthetic is key, the enormity of the scale is a must, but the sound is the soul. In a film dedicated to the life of a cultural king whose legacy is his rich voice and iconic appearance, so much of the film's integrity is riding on the way these factors are presented. Once again enlisting the talents of composer Elliott Wheeler and music editor Jamieson Shaw, Luhrmann opted to present Elvis Presley's music in a more authentic way by utilizing both the original tracks and actor Austin Butler's own vocal talents.
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Ghosts, The Sea, & Other Haunting Moments In Country Music

One of may favorite things about country music is how diverse the sound and content can be. There can be grand love songs, beachy beer-drinking songs, melancholic break-up songs. But one of my personal favorite vibes is the haunting country song. Now, I’ll admit I’m going to be a little broad with this phrase. When I think of haunting country songs, I think of songs that talk about ghosts or southern mythology or that have that specific almost bluesy sound. […] The post Ghosts, The Sea, & Other Haunting Moments In Country Music first appeared on Whiskey Riff.

Is Miranda Lambert The Queen Of Country Duets?

As soon as Luke Combs released the tracklist for his new album, Growin’ Up, listeners were quick to notice his collaboration with Miranda Lambert (the only one on the album). For many of us, the duet took a quick lead as our favorite, and also solidified that Lambert truly...

Is John Mayer Becoming Country Music’s Biggest Muse?

On a recent episode of our Whiskey Riff Raff podcast this month, Parker McCollum shared some of his neatest and most notable experiences on his rise to country stardom. In addition to opening up for both the Chief and King George, McCollum added:. “There’s only like three men in the...

Luke Combs’s Latest is Arena-Country With Nuance and Intimacy

Click here to read the full article. Luke Combs wants you to know one thing: He’s a regular guy. He might be playing songs that immediately become playlist staples, but those ballads and rockers are, he maintains, the same ones he’d be playing if he were only outfitted with, as he croons on the opening track of his third album, Growin’ Up, “tips in a jar, my guitar, and an old barstool.” The 32-year-old North Carolinian, reigning Country Music Entertainer of the Year, stadium headliner, and holder of multiple platinum records, is trying hard to not be starstruck by his...

Luke Combs Speaks on Competing Musically With Morgan Wallen: ‘Any Business Is Competitive’

Country music superstar Luke Combs has a lot to celebrate in his life right now; his album released today, June 24, he’s going on his own stadium tour starting in the Fall, and his wife just gave birth to their first child. He’s one of the biggest country stars in the country right now, and he commented on that fact in a recent interview with the Full Send Podcast, per Billboard.