Costco May Have a Huge Workers Problem

Costco (COST) - Get Costco Wholesale Corporation Report has famously been a good place to work. It even paid its employees $15 an hour way before most places. Glassdoor is a website where employees can rate their jobs by salaries, interviews, and benefits by providing photos and reviews. Costco has more than 13,000 ratings on the website, with 80% of employees recommending working at Costco. Over 2254 reviews even stated that they "love Costco because they provide you with a living wage and great benefits even working part time."
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Marion County residents weigh in on local grocery shopping options

More residents across Marion County recently wrote in to share their thoughts on the grocery shopping options in Ocala/Marion County. “Ever since they catered to On Top of the World and moved the V.A. to the rich side of the city, we (the lowly poor) have to go through the worst traffic in the city, a.k.a. Highway 200. It takes over 30 minutes to get there if you’re lucky and hit all green lights. We don’t have a decent box store on the northeast side of Ocala like Sam’s Club or Costco. I thought that declaring Silver Springs as a Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) meant redevelopment for that area. What happened to that?” says Ocala resident Ronald Guillory.
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3 Stocks to Buy During a Recession

Chipotle, with its focus on providing outstanding value, is positioned to continue its success. Costco's scale and negotiating power with suppliers allows it to charge extremely low prices. O'Reilly, a top all-weather stock, performs well in both robust and adverse economic times. You’re reading a free article with opinions that...
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Central Washington Works: Outsourced or downsized? Help is available

Your company decided to outsource payroll so you’re out. Maybe they brought in new management who cleaned house. Perhaps the company is converting to an electric fleet, and you no longer have the skills to work on the new vehicles. Whatever the circumstances, being laid off is no fun. It can be hard to pick up the pieces and look for a new job.

The Costco Snack That's Misleading Redditors

Costco shoppers are all about getting those exclusive warehouse prices and stretching their wallets as much as they can to utilize the exclusive membership that grants them entry to any of the 572 locations across the United States. While a Costco membership has perks like the one-of-a-kind return policy that boggled minds on TikTok and the option to buy a hot dog and drink combo for $1.50, most people who shop at Costco do it for the bulk food buys, and that includes snacks.

You Can Now Buy Affordable Fiddle Leaf Figs at Costco

Over the last few years, we've seen countless plants rise to popularity, only to quietly exit the spotlight. We're talking snake plants, succulents, and air plants, just to name a few. But if there's one indoor plant that has stood the test of time, it's the fiddle leaf fig tree — and now you can buy one at Costco on the cheap.