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Opinion: First Republicans attacked the FBI. Look who they're coming for now

Republicans have been railing against the Inflation Reduction Act, and there's one provision they really dislike: The plan to bolster the beleaguered Internal Revenue Service. Investigative journalist Casey Michel writes that the GOP has been trying for years to starve the IRS of revenue and resources, but the bill will inject $80 billion into the agency.
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What abortion access looks like in every state after the Supreme Court strikes down Roe v Wade

The US Supreme Court has overturned key rulings enshrining abortion rights across the country, leaving states to determine whether to ban the procedure and force women to carry pregnancies to term.Without protections under the landmark 1973 ruling in Roe v Wade, roughly half of US states are likely to move to outlaw abortion, including 13 states with so-called “trigger” bans in place – laws designed to take effect without Roe.In the hours after the Supreme Court’s decision on 24 June, state officials across the US declared their anti-abortion laws were in effect. Others are expected to take effect within...

A border war over congestion pricing

It looks like congestion pricing is finally actually going to happen, and, surprise surprise, some people aren’t happy about it. Particularly miffed: The state of New Jersey, or at least its leading elected officials. New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer, a Democrat, has been railing against the plan to toll...
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Judge to weigh unsealing of court documents in Mar-a-Lago raid

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team faces a Thursday morning deadline to respond to a federal judge who is holding a hearing in Florida on whether to unseal the affidavit that secured court approval for the FBI to raid the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate. The Department of Justice,...

Retiring state Sen. Mike Bell, leaving office early, joins Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Outgoing Republican state Sen. Mike Bell, who announced plans to retire from the Legislature last year, will assume a leadership position inside the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency beginning Aug. 31, the agency announced Wednesday. Bell will serve as the agency’s senior advisor for Legislative affairs and policy, interacting with lawmakers to promote the wildlife and […] The post Retiring state Sen. Mike Bell, leaving office early, joins Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency appeared first on Tennessee Lookout.

Bohannan Blasts Miller-Meeks’ Votes On Infrastructure, Computer Chip Bills

(Des Moines, IA) — Christina Bohannan of Iowa City, the Democratic candidate in Iowa’s new First Congressional District, says political extremism is a grave threat to the country. Bohannan is challenging Republican Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who is seeking a second term in the U-S House. During a speech on the Des Moines Register’s Political Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair, Bohannan criticized Miller-Meeks for voting against bills providing more federal funding for infrastructure projects and subsidies to spur domestic U-S production of computer chips. She said, “Even Chuck Grassley supported these bills because he knows how good they’re going to be for Iowa.” A spokesman for the Iowa Republican Party says Miller-Meeks stands up for Iowans against the Biden Administration’s “reckless agenda” and her re-election puts the G-O-P one step closer to firing Nancy Pelosi.

How much have S.I. congressional candidates raised and spent on their campaigns?

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. – With only three months left until Election Day, candidates vying for the congressional seat in New York’s 11th District, including incumbent Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-Staten Island/South Brooklyn), are preparing for the home stretch with extra mailers, lawn signs and even mobile billboards to get their names and vision for the district to potential voters.

Threats to judge spur democracy concerns

WASHINGTON — Hundreds of federal judges face the same task every day: review an affidavit submitted by federal agents and approve requests for a search warrant. But for U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart, the fallout from his decision to approve a search warrant has been far from routine. He...