When can I download Windows 11?

With the big Windows 11 reveal almost here, many eager users are asking “When can I download Windows 11?” While Windows 10 has been perfectly serviceable to many users, the promise of a shiny upgrade to the user interface and other features is hotly anticipated by many. Here’s the need-to-know info on when Windows 11 can be downloaded and upgraded to.
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Windows 11 system requirements are bad news for old laptops and PCs

As expected, Microsoft has announced Windows 11 at its event today, and it also revealed the system requirements that are needed to run the new operating system. These system requirements, which we list below, are bad news for people with older laptops and PCs, as it may mean you can’t upgrade to Windows 11. However, you’ll still be able to use Windows 10 for the next few years at least – with Microsoft supporting the OS until October 14, 2025.
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Dell is still offloading XPS 13 laptops for super cheap

Like many of you, I am still reeling from the Prime Day festivities that took place on Monday and Tuesday. Missing out is never fun, especially on some of those awesome tech and gadget deals that were live earlier in the week, but luckily, there are still a ton of Dell XPS deals out there. It’s a last-minute opportunity to snag a new work, gaming, or web-browsing laptop — or whatever you’re going to use it for.
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Windows 11 will be a free update. Here's how you'll download it (if you're eligible)

Windows 11 is on the way, and if you're already a Windows 10 user, it will be free to upgrade to Microsoft's newly redesigned operating system, the company said in a blog post after its virtual event Thursday. (See everything announced at the Windows 11 event here.) So long as your PC meets the minimum requirements, you'll be able to update to Windows 11 the same way you usually update to new versions of Windows 10, once it starts rolling out during the 2021 holiday season.
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Windows 11: Everything You Need to Know

It’s official: Microsoft has announced that the next version of Windows will be called Windows 11 and will be released as a free upgrade (and on new PCs) by holiday 2021. Over the next few weeks and months, Windows Insiders will get to try out all the new features and we’ll all learn more about what’s in store. Here’s everything you need to know about Windows 11 right now.

Microsoft has revealed Windows 11 and it has major macOS vibes

Microsoft finally officially unveiled the Windows 11 branding today, with multiple updates to the UI and how the operating system handles things. The biggest thing to take away? Windows looks more like Mac, with rounded everything and a new place for the Start Menu in the middle of the taskbar.
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Microsoft’s Windows 11 live stream: See the next-generation of Windows right here

On July 29th, 2015, Microsoft released Windows 10 to the general public. It was such a massive upgrade over Windows 8 that the company decided to skip 9 altogether and jump straight to 10. Microsoft also stated Windows 10 would be “the last version of Windows” ever released, but following a series of leaks in recent weeks, we now know that’s no longer the case. Microsoft will host a launch event for Windows 11 on July 24th at 8:00 am PT / 11:00 am ET, and you can watch the stream below to find out exactly what the company has in...
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How to fix your PC when it says it can't run Windows 11

Microsoft has released an app that will check your for compatibility issues to see if it can run Windows 11. You can download the Windows 11 Health Check app from the Introducing Windows 11 page, you'll find a link to it at the bottom of the page, and there's a good chance that it'll throw up an error telling you that your PC can't run Windows 11.
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Microsoft needs to show Windows 11 is more than just Windows 10.5

Microsoft is about to unveil Windows 11 this morning, the company’s next major operating system. While a leak of Windows 11 has provided an early look at some of the design changes, I’m expecting to see a lot more today. A new Start menu, rounded corners, and a general UI overhaul have been expected for months, but Microsoft will need to show some big changes to Windows 11 to prove it’s more than just Windows 10 with a paint job.

Microsoft just unveiled Windows 11: Here's everything it announced

Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 during a live-streamed event on Thursday. Microsoft revealed Windows 11 during an online event on Thursday. The announcement comes almost six years after the introduction of Windows 10, which is the world's most widely used PC operating system, with over 1.3 billion devices using it. Windows,...
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Microsoft teases new File Explorer for Windows 11

Microsoft made Windows 11 official today, but one part of the operating system the company didn’t show during its event was File Explorer. Just like the rest of Windows 11, it looks like File Explorer is getting a significant overhaul. In a video entitled “how Windows 11 is being designed,” Microsoft reveals the new File Explorer UI alongside some changes to the Microsoft Office UI.

Microsoft will offer Windows 11 as a free upgrade to Windows 10 users

Earlier today, Microsoft announced Windows 11 operating system. The new update will bring a visual overhaul along with performance and productivity improvements as well as native support for Android apps. If you are excited about Windows 11 then we have great news for you. Microsoft has confirmed that the Windows...
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How to download a preview of Windows 11

Windows 11 was announced today with a load of new features, and if you’re a Windows enthusiast, you are no doubt eager to give it a try. If you want to install a real version, rather than the leaked version that hit the internet on June 15th), Microsoft says it is going to share an early build of Windows 11 through its Windows Insider Program starting next week.
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Windows 11 is a free upgrade

Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 11 today, and the software maker is committing to make it a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. Much like how Windows 10 was free for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users, this new Windows 11 version will be free for existing Windows 10 users. All...
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Windows 11 revealed by Microsoft : Create, Connect, Play

Today, Microsoft revealed Windows 11 for the first time. According to Panos Panay, Windows 11 is “A space, a place, that feels familiar.” Panay suggested today that, now, more than ever, the PC is the place where we live our lives. As Panay suggests, Microsoft knows how “functional and practical the PC must be, and believe me, we know that more than we ever have before,” but that “it also must be personal.” Today we’re going to look at everything that makes Windows 11, “the Windows that brings you closer to the things you love.”
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Windows 11: Everything Microsoft is promising from the operating system nobody expected

Microsoft is announcing its new operating system, Windows 11, later this week. The so-called “next generation of Windows” will be showcased at a virtual event, with a new user interface and hints of new features.Windows 10, the current version of the operating system, was said to be the company’s final version – but with more people working from home during the pandemic, it appears Microsoft is updating its platform to keep up with the demands of users.A first build of Windows 11 has already leaked to the press, bringing with it a new, more rounded interface. It is also expected...

Microsoft's security tool can now spot rogue devices on your network

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint's new ability to monitor and protect unmanaged devices has now reached general availability. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (formerly Defender ATP), gives security teams visibility over unmanaged devices running on their networks. It's a cloud-based security service that gives security teams incident response and investigation tools and lives as an instance in Azure. It's distinct from Microsoft Defender antivirus that ships with Windows 10.