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Taking the guesswork out of dental care with artificial intelligence

When you picture a hospital radiologist, you might think of a specialist who sits in a dark room and spends hours poring over X-rays to make diagnoses. Contrast that with your dentist, who in addition to interpreting X-rays must also perform surgery, manage staff, communicate with patients, and run their business. When dentists analyze X-rays, they do so in bright rooms and on computers that aren't specialized for radiology, often with the patient sitting right next to them.
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Everything you need to know about model-free and model-based reinforcement learning

Reinforcement learning is one of the exciting branches of artificial intelligence. It plays an important role in game-playing AI systems, modern robots, chip-design systems, and other applications. There are many different types of reinforcement learning algorithms, but two main categories are “model-based” and “model-free” RL. They are both inspired by...
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Controlling non-classical mechanical states in a phononic waveguide architecture

Most quantum computing technologies rely on the ability to produce, manipulate and detect non-classical states of light. Non-classical states are quantum states that cannot directly be produced using conventional sources of light, such as lamps and lasers, and can thus not be described by the theory of classical electromagnetism. These...
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Structure-property relationships in nanoporous and amorphous iridium oxides

South Korean-based researchers have used first-principles quantum mechanical simulations to better understand the structure-property relationships in various polymorphic phases of iridium oxides to elucidate their outstanding performance in catalyzing the oxygen evolution reaction (OER). The OER is an important half-cell reaction where water is catalytically split to evolve oxygen. However, due to the intrinsic sluggish kinetics of the OER, this leads to an overall poor catalytic performance in general.

Topology and machine learning reveal hidden relationship in amorphous silicon

Theoretical scientists have used topological mathematics and machine learning to identify a hidden relationship between nano-scale structures and thermal conductivity in amorphous silicon, a glassy form of the material with no repeating crystalline order. A study describing their technique appeared in the Journal of Chemical Physics. Amorphous solids, such as...
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Robert Mercer Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Weight, Biography, Wiki and Career Details

Kids/Children Name: 3 (Rebecca Mercer, Jennifer, Heather Sue) Profession: Computer Programmer and Hedge Fund manager. Robert Mercer is an American Computer Engineer, Entrepreneur, and owner of Cambridge Analytica. He also co-owns a Hedge-Fund company by the name Renaissance Technology. He has been known to support conservative politicians such as Donald Trump and Conservative News Channels like Breitbart. He was included in the top ten list of most influential billionaires in politics.
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This camera can record sound without a microphone, it just sees the vibrations

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University appeared to have solved the age-old problem of microphone bleed-through, using just a couple of cheap video cameras. Instead of recording sound using microphones, the cameras see the vibrations created by individual instruments and then translate that back into sound waves. No matter how good...

Revealed: The Founders Forum Rising Stars Of 2022

Founders Forum and Silicon Valley Bank have once again spotlighted the top five companies with world-changing potential to join the 2022 Rising Star cohort. Founders Forum is an event-powered global community of leading tech founders, corporate CEOs and senior investors. The initiative, born out of the annual Founders Forum tech event, seeks to uncover early-stage startups with world-changing potential. Every year, Founders Forum taps into its network of investors and other companies in the Founders Family ecosystem to search for the most ambitious founders and teams, novel and disruptive uses of technology, and inspiring solutions to big and important problems.

This Robot Shapes Letters Using Play-Doh Like a Kid, Thanks to AI

This robot knows how to shape alphabet letters by using kid-friendly clay, Play-Doh, without any human assistance, all thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) that powers it. As kids, most of us, if not all, have worked on crazy shapes using Play-Doh, some have produced remarkable sculptures, while others, myself...

Researchers Consider Invisible Hurdles in Digital AG Design

Newswise — ITHACA, N.Y. – When Gloire Rubambiza was installing a digital agriculture system at the Cornell Orchards and greenhouses, he encountered a variety of problems, including connectivity and compatibility issues, and equipment frozen under snow. Rubambiza, a doctoral student in the field of computer science, was able...