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Denver loans developer $8.3 million for affordable housing complex

The Denver City Council voted Monday to loan $8.3 million to a developer who plans to build a large affordable housing community at the intersection of 38th and Holly. At buildout, the $93 million project by Delwest will feature eight three-story buildings, according to a presentation by city staff for the City Council. There will be 84 one-bedroom units, 104 two-bedroom units, 36 three-bedroom units and 29 four-bedroom units. The four-bedroom units will be three stories with attached garages, according to the presentation.

Denver legalizes jaywalking

A proposal by Denver City Councilmember Candi CdeBaca to decriminalize jaywalking won City Council approval Monday, but the vote was not unanimous. Councilmembers Kendra Black, Chris Herndon and Paul Kashmann voted against the change. Black said jaywalking will remain illegal under state law. She said that with an average of 22 tickets per year, there was no proof showing the police were targeting any group.

The Colorado Rockies Have Been Busier Than You Think

It is incredibly easy to dunk on the Colorado Rockies, and fun too. The Rockies play on a mountain unto themselves, literally. Nestled a mile above sea level, the confines of Coors Field harbor one of the more baffling and sometimes irritating teams in all of baseball. Entering their 30th season, the Rockies have yet to win a division title and have made the playoffs just five times, most recently in 2018. Rebuilding is not in their copy of Webster’s Dictionary, instead, they opt for a perpetual state of mediocrity under the guise of contention.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Were From Denver

Denver, Colorado, is known for its beautiful mountains, outdoor recreation, and thriving cultural scene. But did you know that it is also home to some notable celebrities? From actors to comedians, Denver has produced a number of talented individuals who have made their mark in the entertainment industry.

Opinion: RTD one-lap policy targets homeless people

When I experienced homelessness in 2019, I spent a lot of time on RTD property. It seemed like a place where I could inconspicuously exist. I often rested in the Union Station bus terminal and fell asleep there many times. I also rode the trains and the buses for hours on end, usually paying one fare but staying on after the completion of the route.

Speaker references ‘Herndon’s disease’ during Denver public comment

(Denver, Colo.) A regular speaker during public comment period at Denver City Council meetings assailed two members of the dais Jan. 23 for skipping out. Robert Bailey noted that Jolon Clark was not present for the public comment session. He wondered if he had “Herndon’s Disease,” referencing councilmember Chris Herndon. “This is a particular disorder where you stop caring about the general public and you prove this by not showing up.” The crowd erupted in laughter.

Aurora council wants to slow down traffic

Members of the Aurora City Council want to slow down traffic in the city. The Transportation, Airports and Public Works Committee discussed the issue at its Jan. 26 meeting. The discussion sprung out of a presentation on “20 is Plenty,” a national initiative to lower speed limits on residential streets to 20 mph.

4 Amazing Steakhouses in Colorado

If you live in Colorado and you love trying new restaurants from time to time, here is a list of four amazing steakhouse in Colorado that are well-known for their food and service, so if you have never been to any of them, definitely add them to your list and give them a try.

Bear Captures 400 Selfies with Hijacked Wildlife Camera in the United States

When they checked the cameras, the rangers found thousands of pictures of a friendly but curious bear. It is important to note that wildlife animals have also adopted the practice of taking selfies. If you think it is just a human addiction, think again. An open space and mountain park (OSMP) in Boulder, Colorado, has a camera set up to capture the wildlife activities and living animals found there.

Denver is Struggling to Support Migrants, and This is How You Can Help

The number of migrants arriving from Texas to Denver has slowed down recently. As the City manages the current migrants in shelters, they still need more necessary items. “The Emergency Operations Center recently transitioned to a new record-keeping system for managing the arrival of migrants at shelters. This transition from manual spreadsheets to automated forms has resulted in the removal of duplicate records.”

New delivery-only lobster roll restaurant opens in Denver

A brand new restaurant has opened in Denver - Maine and Main Lobsteris focused on delivering fresh, sustainable New England lobster rolls to the Denver area. The concept was created by Sean Huggard, chef and owner of Shucking Good Hospitality, the group behind Blue Island Oyster Bar & Seafood located in Cherry Creek and Lone Tree. Maine and Main Lobster prides itself on responsible and direct sourcing from lobstermen and purveyors with which it has maintained longstanding relationships.

Casa Bonita is hiring for 500 positions (including divers)

(Lakewood, Colo) Casa Bonita, set to reopen in May under new ownership, is now hiring for 500 positions, including, yes, a theatrical cast of waterfall divers. Casa Bonita posted a video on Twitter that features a conversation between Gov. Jared Polis and Chef Dana Rodriguez (who's taking over the food and beverage operations at Colfax Avenue’s pink castle).