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Dillon State Park and Campground Tour

This video is about a State Park and Campground located east of Columbus, Ohio in Newport, Ohio. We will share beautiful views and our personal experiences here at Dillon State Park and Campground. We enjoy camping, so we will also share some laughs with you. Thank You for Watching! We hope you enjoy the video. ~Onelove Vic and Kerin

The richest person in Columbus, OH

Recently Forbes released a list of all the billionaires in the United States. While some familiar names are at the top of the list, I always like to look for interesting stories that stand out amongst the lucky people on the list to share with readers.

New looks, same heart: Ohio State weathers change

The Ohio Union was in use from 1951 to 2007 after students petitioned for a union where men and women could have equal access. Credit: The Lantern Archives. Ohio State is an evolving giant — and alumni who return to campus may notice some differences both on and off campus.

6 of the Most Famous Celebrities From Columbus, OH

Columbus is a city that offers a lot to many people. Many people have called the city home over the years, including some pretty famous ones. There is a decently long list to go through, but this will just be a quick look at some of the famous people who have called the city home at some point.

Girl Left for Dead by Roommates

We all believe we know the person we are living with, at least we would like to think we do. So many horror movies have been made about the crazy roommate but unfortunately, one girl got to live out that movie. In Johnston, New York on February 14th was called out for a wellness check for 62-year-old Patricia Barter. The officers came in and spoke with her two roommates Stephanie Hillburn and Deborah Eglin but just like a movie, the officers noticed the two women getting nervous so he requested to speak to Barter. The officer searched the house only to find Barter’s lifeless body in her bed. Supposedly Barter had died of an accidental overdose the week of February 4th but her death was not reported to authorities. Barter’s roommates moved her body into her bedroom and just left her there as they went on through their daily lives.

10 of the Weirdest Laws in Columbus

Not only is Columbus the "Discovery City" but it's also the city where visitors can "discover" some of the weirdest laws.(Shane/Unsplash) Columbus, OH — Like many football fans, I've always wanted to attend a Buckeyes home game. After all, The Horseshoe is the most iconic stadium in college football. Before visiting any new city, however, I usually familiarize myself with its basic laws.

Gun Violence on the Rise...Again

Gun violence has been terrorizing our country for decades now but in the past year, the Gun Violence Archive suggests that 2021 could be the worst year for gun violence the U.S. has seen in decades. From January 1st to September 15th more than 14,500 people were killed due to gun violence. As of right now at is putting gun violence at 1300 more casualties since 2020 but we also must remember that the world stood still for a bit due to the pandemic. During that time crime was at an all-time low for the United States. That still doesn’t excuse the monumental rise in crime since then. Just in late August, there were headlines in Columbus Ohio, News for five deaths, and plenty of others injured in a casual Saturday shooting.