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The fourth richest person in Colorado is giving most of his money away

I usually say, "If you want to be a billionaire or an influential person in the United States, going to Harvard Business School is a great idea." Since 1908, this outstanding business school has been the destination for many successful people, including Sheryl Sandberg, Meg Whitman, Daniel D'Aniello, Stephen Schwarzman, Steve Ballmer, Michael Bloomberg, Ray Dalio, etc.
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CALDARA | Colorado’s bigots

Does a bigot ever consider himself a bigot? I very much doubt it. He might be ignorant, but in his core a bigot just wants his community to be safe. And being ignorant is quite different from being stupid. The bigot senses that those “other” people present a threat. Accepting...

Colorado Groups Absorb Hate At LGBTQ+ Events To Protect Families

DENVER, (CBS4)- Usually at LGBTQ events like Denver’s Pride celebration Eli Bazan is working. Especially if it is a family friendly event like a Drag queen story hour. He’s one of the co-founders of the Parasol Patrol. They are a group of volunteers that tries to separate event attendees from protestors. (credit: CBS) “What we do is we use our rainbow umbrella as a shield to block the signs and the faces of protesters,” explained Eli. “We use our ear protection for our little ones.” They absorb the heckling and name-calling so that kids don’t have to. He says he feels like they...
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Opinion: Jim Martin: Colorado cities show Congress how to pass gun reforms

Don’t be fooled by the latest maneuvers by Congress on Friday to tighten gun control because it failed to address the real problems. Fortunately, there’s grassroots action taking place: Colorado municipalities have quickly proven that they will take gun-control matters into their own hands. They’re tired of waiting...

See What You Missed at the Colorado Truck Takeover 2022

An event designed for custom truck enthusiasts called the Colorado Truck Takeover took place in Colorado this past June 11th and 12th. The Colorado Truck Takeover was held at the Julesburg Drag Strip in the small town of Julesburg, Colorado, which is located in the northeast corner of the state right across the Nebraska border:

Gov Polis: An estimated 3.1 million Coloradans to receive $750 relief checks this August

Governor Jared Polis signed a bill last month that advances Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (TABOR) refunds for most taxpayers to September with refunds of $400 per individual tax payer. Now, Due to the state's strong economic performance, Coloradans will receive a bigger rebate check. Taxpayers are set to receive $750 checks for individuals and $1,500 for people who file jointly.

Colorado’s Favorite Venue, Red Rocks, Now Has Its Own Beer

Within the top 10 reasons for living in Colorado, for most people, is Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It's given us so much joy over the years, it was due to its own beer. When people ask, 'What beers do they have at Red Rocks?' you'll be able to tell them that they have their very own craft beer, made just for the venue. It sounds like a great beer, too. The next time you're there you should grab one.

Could cluster boxes be a solution for local post office challenges?

Since February, a group of representatives from numerous Colorado mountain towns has been meeting with regional United States Postal Service representatives to try and tackle growing challenges with local post office locations. In these meetings, as municipalities air grievances and seek solutions, one option continues to come up: cluster boxes.

How Patriotic Is Colorado?

These last couple of years have been a bit weird for many reasons and in some cases, it's made people feel less patriotic than they had felt prior to the pandemic. Be it the rise in violence, racism, employment opportunities, and more. We've been called the "greatest country in the world" but how do people really feel right now? Has all of the above made Colorado less patriotic than we've been in the past?

Colorado Historic Opera Houses Circuit Launches, More Creative Options

The first-ever Colorado Historic Opera Houses Circuit, which connects five mountain opera houses, launched on June 23, 2022. This new cultural heritage travel offering invites visitors to experience Colorado’s Silver Rush past and the enduring importance of arts and culture in today’s remote mountain towns, all within elegant buildings. Colorado Historic Opera Houses Circuit encourages visitors to “step away from their screens and reconnect with the energy of live shows.”