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Magical Charlotte Valley Rail Bike Excursions With New Southern Track

Rail Explorers, a company with rail bike excursions out of the Milford, NY's Charlotte Valley Railroad depot has a few new rail bike excursions for 2022 that I bet could tempt even the most dedicated of couch potatoes. Instead of going to Cooperstown and back, these trips roll along the countryside on a different track - The Charlotte Vally Express trail which runs in a southerly direction along the Susquehanna River with a beautiful and varied landscape to enjoy. It runs over an amazing 200-foot-long Portlandville Trestle which will take your breath away. This track is shorter at 8 miles than the 12-mile Cooperstown one and goes toward Portlandville which is south of the Milford depot.
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Maryland Pizza Parlor Makes Top 50 "Best Pizza In The US"

DARNESTOWN, Md — Everyone says New York is the pizza capital of the nation, and they’re not wrong. That is according to Italian pizza experts from the 50 Top Pizza website in Paestum Italy. The results are in and New York took the lead with 10 different rankings including the number one spot thanks to Una Pizza Napoletana. But they weren’t the only ones on that list. A Montgomery County pizzeria also made the list.

Big Al’s BBQ In Oneonta Is Taking Flight After Shaky Winter Opening

Oneonta is no stranger to great barbecue thanks to restaurants like Brooks' House of Bar-B-Q, Sloan's New York Grill, and just outside of Oneonta in Colliersville, Andre's Blue Ribbon BBQ. Here's the great thing about barbecue, I have discovered that there are so many different types of barbecue to discover and when Big Al's BBQ of New York opened up in the former Lizard Lick location on Oneonta's Dietz Street on December 31, 2021, North Carolina barbecue-style cuisine hit the scene in our area.

Bear Climbs Into My Ford Escape

Occurred on June 22, 2022 / Roxbury, New York, USA Info from Licensor: "This bear crawled into my Ford Escape because the window was open. My daughter had her chicken tenders from lunch in there and he helped himself. Dessert was snickerdoodles."

Gas-Friendly Getaways: A trip to Cooperstown

Summer travel season is back, but with gasoline prices reaching upwards of $5 for most regions around the Empire State, it's getting tougher to stick to budgets. While fuel may have gotten more expensive, there are plenty of nearby attractions to enjoy on just a tankful from the city of Syracuse.

Pet Of The Week –‘Kittie’

Meet the Susquehanna SPCA “Pet of the Week” – her name is “Kittie”. Each week on Tuesday mornings at 8:30 am on Classic Hits 103.1fm, Leslie Ann will host Allison Hungerford, licensed Vet Tech at the Susquehanna SPCA, who will tell us all about a special dog or cat at the shelter looking for its forever home.