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California's Elite Thacher School Reveals Sex Abuse Allegations Stretching Back 40 Years

An elite private boarding school in California has acknowledged decades of allegations of sexual misconduct, rape and "boundary crossing" by faculty members towards students. The Thacher School, a $64,700-a-year boarding facility, per the Los Angeles Times, in the city of Ojai, California, admitted in a 90-page report on Wednesday that there had been around 20 allegations of various types of sexual misconduct at the academy dating back to the 1980s.
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What Student Loans Has President Biden Canceled?

By December 2020, the aggregate total of U.S. student debt saw a more than 100 percent increase over the previous decade. President Biden has clarified his commitment to student loan debt relief, but what loans has he actually canceled?. Article continues below advertisement. With the monetary value of the relief...
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Researchers say they’ve found the ideal strategy to pay off student loans

When many people near college graduation, they begin to contemplate how they’ll deal with the student loans they’ve racked up over the past few years. The burden — which grows more substantial with every generation — can result in stress and, if not managed properly, may throw one’s life plans off track for several years. Mathematicians with the University of Colorado at Boulder may have a solution, explaining that they developed a mathematical model to explore the ideal repayment strategy.
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Poll: Majority back blanket student loan forgiveness

Fifty-two percent of Americans said that they are in favor of blanket student loan forgiveness "for all borrowers," according to a new Go Banking Rates poll released Thursday. Twelve percent of respondents in the poll said they believe student loan forgiveness should be granted for those with low income and high debt, 11 percent said those in public service should be forgiven of their loans and 4 percent saying they support temporary loan forgiveness through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Saweetie’s Icy University Content Creator Masterclass | ComplexLand

Saweetie and her creative team sit down with our very own Natasha Martinez to drop diamonds of wisdom on the ComplexLand audience. What’s the process for coming up with ideas? How do they decide on timing? What’s their best advice for aspiring creators? This masterclass is Saweetie’s chance to offer free game to everyone watching the conversation, and to show the world the work that goes into the creation process for the Queen of Content.

Rapper IDK Launching Harvard Music Business Program For BIPOC Students

IDK is making a huge move in the world of academia. On Friday (June 18), Associated Press reported IDK will be starting a brand new music business program for students of color in collaboration with Harvard University. The No Label Academy will be a 10-day program that helps students looking...
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Donors say they won’t support University of Newcastle after coalmining executive made chancellor

Prominent philanthropists have said they will not donate to the University of Newcastle after coalmining executive Mark Vaile was appointed the institution’s new chancellor. Vaile, a former federal Nationals leader and the current chairman of Whitehaven Coal, was named the university’s new chancellor earlier this month, a decision that prompted a member of the university council to resign.
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Students require a negative Covid test to attend Extravs

LUSU have announced via an email to attendees that students will have to show evidence that they have had a negative Covid test to gain entry to Extravs. The university is also enforcing a rule of six policy for each table, and taking student details upon arrival via the NHS Test and Trace App.

Quitting a PhD

About three months ago, I finally gathered the courage to speak to my supervisors about a fear of mine. My fear of failure, of nothingness, of emptiness awaiting if my PhD is not completed. I have had some really great talks with numerous people and came to a conclusion. On June 30th 2021, I will no longer be a PhD student. After almost two years, I quit, leaving academia without a doctorate.
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Caldwell named vice provost for faculty affairs and diversity

Kia Lilly Caldwell, professor of African, African American and diaspora studies at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill, has been named vice provost for faculty affairs and diversity at Washington University in St. Louis, announced Beverly Wendland, provost and executive vice chancellor for academic affairs. Caldwell, whose...

UPR will return to the classroom face to face in the next semester

From August, The The University of Puerto Rico (UPR) will once again teach classes in person In all packages and units, while, Will maintain courses in virtual and hybrid modalities for those who prefer to continue studying at a distance. This was announced today by the head of the main educational and scientific center of the island Dr. Jorge Haddock.