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A Popular Sedalia Buffet Closes Their Doors. What Could Replace It?

When the pandemic hit, many restaurants closed their doors for a period of time. Obviously this affected many in the service industry. Some restaurants were able to weather the storm, and figure out a way to survive. If that meant providing carry out options, or limited seating, they figured out a way. A lot of non-chain restaurants were not able to survive. Mighty Melt, closed for a while, then came back under new ownership.

An Old Sedalia Favorite Is Still Alive And Well…..In Texas

You guys, I admittedly am not on the social medias as much as many of you. I mean, sure, I'm on them for work. And sure, I'll post on my personal page about music sometimes, but on the whole once I'm done with what I've got to do for work, I'm done. I'm on YouTube or Not Always Right before I'm on Facebook or Twitter again. So imagine my surprise and just joy when I happened to catch the right message at the right time!
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Mt. Hulda Lutheran Church to Host Fish Fry

Mt. Hulda Lutheran Church in Cole Camp will be hosting their annual fish fry on the last Sunday in September (25th) with serving to begin at 4:30 p.m. Serving will continue until the line stops or the food runs out. The menu will include fried fish, German potato salad, french...

Is Yelp Right, Are These the Top 5 Steak Places In Sedalia?

You can find a ranking and user reviews for almost anything these days. Are you looking for a new power tool? Someone's reviewed it. Want to make sure you pick a great hotel? Just check out Expedia, Trip Advisor, or one of the many hotel review and booking sites. When it comes to restaurants, lots of people love Yelp. So I thought I'd see what Yelp's top five places to get a steak in Sedalia are and if we agree with them. Let's get to it.