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Richmond should consider Sunday alcohol sales

It's Sunday afternoon in Madison County and perhaps you would like to enjoy an adult beverage while watching football at home, or while cooling off after mowing the lawn, or while hanging out with friends in the neighborhood. However, you don't have any beer, or wine, or other kind of...
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Ruth Hunt Candies celebrates a sweet century in Mt. Sterling

MT. STERLING, Ky. — Ruth Hunt Candies opened in 1921 and is now celebrating its 100th year in business in Mt. Sterling. Toby Moore and Larry Kezele took over the candy factory 30 years ago. Owners are working on different events for this year to celebrate the 100th year. Co-owners...
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Millipedes invading Madison County

All the rain we have had over the last couple of weeks has led to an environment favorable for this creature. When we dry out, this problem will fix itself. Millipedes are kind of creepy looking. But they will not hurt you, in fact they can't even bite you. In...
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Richmond boy and foal form unbreakable bond

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – “It was almost like something you see on a movie,” Kelly Dorman said. It was a moment that left the Dorman family speechless. Their son, Cody, did something they rarely see – show emotion. The trigger? Cody met a foal in 2018. “As far as actually...
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Happy Birthday Uncle Paul

Someone very special in our family just had a birthday — Uncle Paul Howard. He become a young 90 years old. Duane and I were invited for this special celebration. All his children were able to be there. Many grandchildren and great grandchildren, and friends were there as well. Duane...
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My inspiration

This weekend, I will be in western Kentucky, in the happy little town of Princeton celebrating my sister’s 96th (and a half) birthday and my 98th birthday. I don’t know which of our genes to give credit to for the long life of us both. Was it the Jones side or the Edwards side?
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National Garden Week celebrated by The Richmond Garden Club

The Richmond Garden Club recently celebrated National Garden Week, which members helped promote by participating in various activities. Flower arrangements, or plants from their own gardens, were delivered to many individuals, institutions and organizations throughout the community. Brenda Underwood, co-president of The Richmond Garden Club, and Mary McCurdy, co-secretary, presented...