Climate Change

January was the warmest on record for millions

January featured what meteorologists referred to as a "blowtorch" pattern in the East, with consistently milder than average weather conditions and barely any snow. By the numbers: Most cities, particularly those east of the Mississippi River, saw a top 15 warmest January. In New York City, it was the warmest...

Get Tough Or Die

This global warming AKA climate change is sure looking a lot like nothing has changed a whole lot. We usually can count on a short January thaw but January and February used to have a lot of days of “good limbing”. Good limbing usually meant temperatures between twenty below and ten above. No wonder some want to do away with anything that resembles history. The cold winter months have almost always been and will almost always be cold winter months. The bitter cold is natures way of getting rid of a lot of crop pests and culling the weaker animals and birds.
American Banker

Fed's climate scenario pilot is a waste of time and resources

The new year always begins with optimism and expectations for a year better than the last. For the large banks piloting the Federal Reserve's first climate scenario, 2023 may be one of futility, and unnecessary burning of resources better used to manage another tumultuous year in the markets. Modeling the...

How smoke generated from large wildfires can impact local weather and make fires worse

A team of atmospheric scientists at Nanjing University, working with two colleagues from Tsinghua University and another from the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, has found that the impact of smoke generated by large wildfires can result in increased fire intensity. In their study, published in the journal Science, the group used a variety of tools to measure the impact of soot and other particles emitted into the air during large wildfires.
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Extreme cold warning in Montreal issued which could mean frostbite in minutes

Don’t let the bright sunshine fool you. An extreme cold warning is in effect for the Montréal Island, Laval, Longueuil - Varennes and Châteauguay - La Prairie areas. Thanks to an Arctic air mass and moderate winds, an extended period of extreme cold has arrived in Montreal this morning. Wind chill values between -38 and -50 are expected until Saturday. While it’s mainly sunny, expect northwest winds gusting to 50 km/hour.

Water crises due to climate change: more severe than previously thought

Climate change alters the global atmospheric circulation, which in turn alters precipitation and evaporation in large parts of the world and, in consequence, the amount of river water that can be used locally. So far, projections of climate impact on stream flow have usually been calculated on the basis of physical models, e.g. the projections reported by IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change).