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Our Top Chattanooga Stop for Delectable Korean BiBimBap

Before learning about this Korean bowl-styled dish on Food Network's "Chopped," I had no idea what deliciousness was contained in this nursery rhyme sounding meal. Now, on cold days, when I'm craving a hearty meal or whenever I see a Korean restaurant, it's the first image that pops into my mind.

Weather Safety Alert

Severe weather and some snow could be heading in our direction according to the National Weather service, NOAA, AccuWeather, Tarven and WVLT. Please keep in mind that the red dot shown in the first map signifies Charleston and not a tornado warning.

Serious Offer Made by Charleston

January is National Mentor Month, and the Charleston City Commission held its latest meeting on January 10th, 6pm and took place at Walter Goode Municipal Hall. In attendance was the Charleston City Mayor Donna McDermott who brought the purchase of the Hiwassee Street property, formerly known as an emergency veterinarian clinic, to the table. McDermott wanted the city to make an offer for the property in hopes of gaining a new City Hall.

Charleston News Break - Now on Facebook

Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day, as we go over some highlighted material that has come to light as we have been building our presence on Facebook. If you are interested in following our new Facebook Page, consider following the link below:

"Cleveland Residents on High Alert: String of Car Thefts and Break-Ins Caught on Camera"

" Break-Ins in Cleveland Neighborhood" Residents of Cleveland are on high alert after a string of car thefts and break-ins occurred in the early hours of the morning on January 18th. One homeowner said as he called the police He's moving carefully around the vehicle, looking for something, his other hand is in the pocket. The hoodie he is wearing is large and covers most of his body, making it hard to discern any other distinguishing features. who wishes to remain anonymous, was able to capture footage of the suspects on his home security camera.

The Pot and Pan Kitchen in Charleston, TN

The Pot and Pan Kitchen inside Charleston, Tennessee is becoming a local favorite, very quickly. The atmosphere is warm. The kind of atmosphere where you can take a seat amongst friends and locals while having the conveniences of Cleveland without all its busyness. It is the type of place you most likely would feel comfortable bringing your family for some good food and good times.

Stamps Are Rising, Pickleball and MLK Day

For those who have been itching for their favorite southern home cooking fix from Stacy's Restuarant. The wildly popular eatery will be open on Monday to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Day. This establishment is usually closed for the season, during this time of year. If you have been having that craving, consider on being there on Monday. Their doors will open at 9am and remain that way until 9pm that evening, according to a Facebook post by Charleston Mayor Donna McDermott. "Let's Celebrate", she stated.

Charleston Tex - Mex at La Cabanas

When you think of the Charleston inside the state of Tennessee, Tex - Mex is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, you may have thought about the Charleston Calhoun Historical Society's annual Cowpea Festival that is generally promoted by the Bradley County Chamber of Commerce.