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Rookie Jeremy Pena Gets H-E-B Commercial Blessed, While Cristian Javier Continues to Prove He Needs to Start For the Astros

Jeremy Pena is the latest Houston Astros player who's about to become a H-E-B commercial star. Here, he hams it up with Lance McCullers Jr. in sala night. (@HEB) Jeremy Pena just keeps doing things quickly, grabbing moments faster than JJ Reddick starts an NBA feud these days. Anyone wondering just how much of a fan favorite the Houston Astros rookie shortstop already is, can stop wondering. Pena’s already filmed an H-E-B commercial. H-E-B wanted Pena along with established Astros stalwarts Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve and Lance McCullers Jr. for its latest shoot.

The Best Way to Smoke Brisket According to Texas Pitmasters

Ask any Texan, and they'll proudly tell you that the Lone Star State is THE barbecue center of the United States. While Texas grillmasters make stellar ribs, sausages, and pulled pork, Texas BBQ is most famous for one particular dish: smoked brisket. This thick cut comes from the breast and pectorals of the cow, and because it includes connective tissue, it was once discarded as a tough throwaway. However, enterprising Texans realized that when slow-smoked at a certain temperature with a few other classic brisket tips, brisket transforms into a tremendously flavorful and tender dish.

Video of Dog Waiting by Friend’s Side After He Was Hit By a Car Has People Crying

Video of a dog who sat by the side of the road after his friend was hit by a car is going viral. Footage of the rescue made by Samantha (@streetlifetothesweetlife) of Houston, Texas was shared on TikTok, after she found one of the dogs in the middle of the road. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending, but the close-call had people online worried sick.

Where do you take out-of-town visitors to eat in Houston?

Locals, where do you take out-of-town guests to eat when you want to show them around Houston? The restaurant doesn’t have to be the “best” or even your favorite, but rather someplace intimate, exciting, or nostalgic -- The kind of place you bookmark in your brain and save for the perfect outing with the perfect person.

Local Brewery Near Downtown Houston Gets New Owners & an Executive Chef

Local Group Brewing, the 7,500-square-foot brewpub located in Hardy Yards at 1504 Chapman, is back to making beer. Distincture Hospitality, owned by Dave Sorrell, Morgan Green and Jorge Benitez, has purchased the brewpub. Initially founded by Todd Donewar, Michael Steeves and James “Huggy Bear” Wolfe, it opened at a really bad time for food and drink businesses — February 2020. By mid-March of that year, bars, including brewpubs, were ordered temporarily closed — a situation that persisted for months. Local Group Brewing eventually did open, but on March 24, it closed the kitchen. After a slow transition period, Distincture Hospitality officially took over on Monday, May 16.

Houston resident claims $1M Mega Millions lottery prize

HOUSTON (KIAH) — Someone in the Houston area has just gotten $1 million richer after matching five numbers in Saturday’s Mega Millions drawing. The Texas Lottery said that the person who bought the ticket from a convenience store in north Houston has claimed a second-tier prize for the Mega Millions game, worth $1,000,510.

12 Old-School Restaurants in Houston for a Classic Night Out

Whether a café, fully fleshed out bistro, or a food-truck concept, it’s always a big deal when a new restaurant launches in Houston. We’re often left to wonder how it’ll blend in with the city’s remarkable culinary scene. Plus, we want to see if their menus, top-shelf libations, and consistent finesse are contenders as a new go-to brunch or lunch spot. It’s honestly a whole process—a delicious one at that. However, with every new place comes that reminder that older fine dining paved the way for these new beauties to flourish, and that’s where a new-found appreciation comes rushing in. To see that many of these institutions are still thriving and standing tall enough to give the city’s downtown skyscrapers a run for their money is one thing. But once you add in the pandemic’s discomforting reign, which continues to heavily plague how restaurants operate, their continued presence is even more awe-inducing. From no-frills shacks cooking unforgettable comfort food classics to swanky palaces nurturing their culinary missions with modern nips and tucks, here are 12 old-school restaurants in Houston sure to give you a timeless experience.
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Top 4 Most Popular Fried Chicken Restaurants in Pearland, Texas

This list is based on prior customer reviews. This is one of the best cafés in the city, especially for those who always want to have a full meal with tea or coffee. Other than tasty fried chicken, they have many other dishes like cheese, chorizo, eggs, chilaquiles salsa and served with green salsa. Not a lot of cafes serve fried chicken so this really sets country place cafe apart from the rest.

Galveston’s Chic New Hotel Reveals Its Chef and Drinks Stars’ New Restaurant — Get Ready for The Fancy

French Dip with hand cut ribeye, comte cheese, thyme persillade, and mushroom jus; whole roast gulf flounder with braised oxtails and mustard greens; pot roast of pork belly and roasted gulf oysters in a vin blanc; strawberry butter cake with sweet cream, Raw Gulf Snapper, Chilled Lobster with Ravigote; Salad of Bitter Greens and citrus with a Meyer lemon-green tea vinaigrette; House meatballs from The Fancy at Hotel Lucine. (Photo by Jenn Duncan)

Installing hair extensions with The Upper Hand salon is easy as 1-2-3!

HOUSTON — Are you ready for a quick and luscious transformation? The Upper Hand salon offers complimentary consultations on all extension services! This is your opportunity to speak with a stylist and figure out the best method for installing your extensions. The plan of action for installing your extensions will surely fit within your budget and your lifestyle!

Verandah Progressive Indian Cuisine

HOUSTON — Born in India, Sunil Srivastava was raised in a fun and food-loving family. During childhood, his passion for cooking began watching his mom prepare food for his family. He's cooked for world leaders, theatre artists, musicians & actors. His wife, Anupama Srivastava, worked in India as a...

Harry Winston’s Marvelous Creations — High Jewelry Collection Makes its Stateside Debut in Houston

Harry Winston Blue Magpie brooch from the Marvelous Creations Collection with cabochon tourmaline, blue sapphires, rubellite, and diamonds, set in platinum. Nature’s role as the ultimate muse is celebrated in Harry Winston’s new high jewelry collection called Marvelous Creations. Nature’s inspiring patterns and brilliant creations found on land, in the skies, in the water and deep within the earth are transformed into fantastical designs.