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Jameis Winston Goes Viral Again for Another Bizarre Looking Workout

We've come to expect the weird looking workouts that Jameis Winston does during the offseason. But they're only weird if they don't work, right?. You've probably seen Jameis' workouts before that made you tilt your head like a dog looking confused after you pretended to throw a ball. Whether it was using an actual dog and towel, having guys try and knock the ball loose with fighting pads, lifting weights while balancing on a medicine ball type contraption, sitting on a medicine ball trying not to let his feet touch the ground while his trainer is trying to knock the ball loose, or in a one-handed pushup position on a balance trainer catching and throwing a ball with his non-grounded hand. (I love that these wild workout sentences keep getting longer and longer.)
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Here are Acadiana’s ‘Pick Your Own” Farms

There are just a few weeks left in the summer break and I have been wanting to take my kiddos somewhere fun and preferably outdoors. I got to searching the internet and found some pretty cool farms that allow visitors to pick items from blueberries to sunflowers and everything in between. As I was looking through the information I thought that other people may not know that these places exist.

Tenacious D’s Greatest Classic Rock Covers

Tenacious D's early connections with Eddie Vedder and Dave Grohl helped establish the band. Classic rock covers have kept them going. Jack Black and Kyle Gass met when they were members of the Actors' Gang theater company in Los Angeles. They launched Tenacious D in 1994, and their first show was that same year at Al's Bar in the city. Gigs quickly followed around the country, sometimes with a famous fan in the audience. "We went to Seattle, and Eddie Vedder came to one of our shows before we had a record. He was just fucking there," Black recalled to Rolling Stone in 2021.

Whitesnake Cancels Shows After Battling Multiple Illnesses

Whitesnake has been forced to cancel a handful of performances after members of the band were “hit hard” by various health problems. “We have been rocking our way across the globe on the first part of our Farewell Tour giving all we’ve got to you, the fans,” explained a message posted by frontman David Coverdale to the band’s website. “The rigors of the road are the same for all of us and we have been trying to keep everyone healthy and safe. Unfortunately, we have been hit recently with a couple of situations that we have been dealing with the best we can.”

Bodies of Three Men Recovered From Lake Maurepas

Authorities have found the bodies of the three men who went missing in Lake Maurepas on Sunday afternoon. Officials with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries said that crews found the first body on Monday morning. Then, later in the day, around 6:30 pm, the two remaining bodies were found.

NFL Franchises That Have Never Won The Super Bowl

Of the 32 teams in the NFL, a dozen of them have never won a Super Bowl. Considering the first Super Bowl was played in 1967, it's a big number. While some franchises like the Patriots and Steelers have won 6, a total of 15 teams have won multiple Lombardi Trophies over the years.