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Village of Liberty Police Participating in Unique Program

More departments should use this kind of program with residents. It's always a bummer when you get pulled over and will usually cost you if you get a ticket. Sometimes, it really isn't your fault, you might not be aware of how fast you're going or maybe a light is out in your vehicle and you missed it. One local police department is trying a new approach when it comes to pulling over and it really benefits everyone in the area.
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Gas station attendant robbed at gunpoint

CRAWFORD – Police are searching for a suspect who held up a gas station attendant at gunpoint in the Town of Crawford late Monday night. According to police reports, the suspect fled on foot after the incident. There were no reports of any injuries and what, if anything, was...

Check Out Kingston’s New Anchor Cafe

The Hudson Valley has seen some significant changes over the past couple of years, and much of that has to do with the covid pandemic. The whole world has seen changes, but today we’re talking about the Hudson Valley. The pandemic has affected individuals, families, schools, and businesses. One...

Iconic Woodstock Restaurant Reopens and it Looks Amazing

Those of us that have been around the Hudson Valley for a while, especially the Ulster County area, remember the Little Bear Restaurant in Woodstock. I remember going to the Little Bear for the first time in the 1980s. My friend Keith took me there and made me try the cold sesame noodles. They were delicious, as was the rest of the meal.

Certain to 'stir stuff up': Snakeheads arrive

DOWNSVILLE — The peculiar-looking creature with the snake-like reference that Casey Shank reeled into his friend's boat on the Potomac River earlier this month was not something state wildlife officials wanted to see. The 27-inch, 5-pound catch was representative of one of several invasive water species in Maryland which...

Refreshing Homemade Drinks to Beat the Heat in the Hudson Valley

It's time to rejoice, it's officially summer in the Hudson Valley. With the return of this season, we have so much to look forward to. Most importantly, I'm excited to spend more time in the sun and outdoors. Swimming in local pools, watching the sunset, gazing at fireflies, traveling to the beach, and listening to the nighttime insects are also things that we can enjoy in the Hudson Valley.

Was the Onion Ring Created in New York?

Are you a fan of the Onion Ring? I am! Crispy batter on the outside and warm, soft onion in the middle. Believe it or not, I can still remember where I was when I had my first onion ring. It was actually homemade with a biscuit-type tempura batter and I was hooked after the first bite. Full disclosure, I also had cauliflower and broccoli made the same way that night and decided that was how I wanted to eat my veggies for the rest of my life.

Repair Cafe comes back to Kingston New York for free

The Repair Cafe will be held here in July.Google Street View, October 2019. Broken electronics and little knick-knacks often clutter up a home and make it hard to get any work done. So often we decide to throw these things out or make room for the new stuff. But it turns out that you don't have to. Since 2009, there have been events all over the world that want to help you get these machines fixed for you and at zero cost.