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Clarendon Sheriff's Office seeks information on suspects

From the Clarendon County Sheriff's Office: The Clarendon County Sheriff's Office is currently seeking information on the two unidentified suspects pictured above. These suspects were seen driving a Black Chevrolet Avalanche, similar to the one also pictured above. The suspects are believed to be connected to a vehicle break-in at the Marathon gas station in the North Santee area of Clarendon County. Anyone having any information which may identify these suspects, or their location, please contact the Clarendon County Sheriff's Investigation Unit at (803) 435-4414. You do not have to reveal your identity.
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Police seeking identity of vehicle break in suspects

NORTH SANTEE, S.C. (WIS) - Investigators are seeking the identity of two suspects who police believe broke into a vehicle in Clarendon County. According to the Clarendon County Sheriff’s Office, the suspects are believed to be connected to a vehicle break in at the Marathon Gas Station in the North Santee area. Officials say the suspects were seen driving a Black Chevrolet Avalanche.
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Beatrice Wilson Major, 99, entered into eternal rest on Friday, June 18, 2021, at Complete Care Nursing Facility in Baltimore, Maryland. Born on July 10, 1921, in Clarendon County, she was a daughter of the late Willie and Elizabeth Wright. The family will receive relatives and friends at the home...
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Dan Geddings: My father

In my mind, when I was young, he was 10 feet tall and bulletproof. I thought no other man equaled him, and I practically worshiped the ground that he walked on. He was my father, and he was my mentor. He taught me and my brothers how to hunt and fish. He taught us how to be safe with a gun and how to respect the land. He taught us how to navigate Sparkleberry Swamp and the old Indian Camp. We learned the creeks and lakes in Pocotaligo and the islands and sloughs of Lake Marion from him. We camped out, and he taught us to cook what we shot and caught. He kept hounds, bird dogs and beagles and taught us how to handle them. With him we fished and ran trot lines and bush lines. He taught us respect for the law and how to treat people. We had a big family, but we always had more than we needed. We gave fish and game to our friends and neighbors.

Joint Meeting of County School Boards - Press Release

On Thursday June 17th, The Clarendon County School District Board of Education along with members of the Board of Trustees of Clarendon County School Districts Two and Four met to discuss the Clarendon County Consolidation legislation. In attendance at the meeting was Senator Kevin Johnson who provided a legislative update and expressed his appreciation to the Board members for their willingness to work together. The Board members received a presentation on the consolidation legislation as well as other relevant laws. Also, Dr. Johnson, the newly appointed Superintendent of the new County-wide school system, provided an update on consolidation activities. We know the entire Clarendon County public school community is expecting great things from us. The Boards recognize they each have an important role to play; and at the forefront is meeting the educational needs of our children. With approximately one year to plan and prepare to serve more than 4,500 students, each Board is committed to working together to ensure a smooth transition for our students and staff. We ask all of Clarendon County to join in this important undertaking.
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Mother & Son suspects ask for bond after murder charges

According to a Clarendon County Sheriffs office press release on June 9th 2021, the Clarendon County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Division made three arrests for the murder of Bryant Bowman which occurred on the early hours of June 6th. The incident took place at 11166 Bethel Hwy in the Paxville Community of Clarendon County. Thirty Eight year old Joi Janae Hill and her 22 year old son Jaquez Daquel Hill, are both charged with Murder and Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime, while Shanaya Jonnale Larkins, age 33, is charged with Accessory After the Fact to Murder. On Friday June 11th, Attorney Jack Furse with Kent Law Firm in Manning filed a motion on behalf of Joi Hill for an emergency Bond Hearing in front of a Circuit Court Judge. The motion stated there was no probable cause for the warrant to be issued and served. According to the motion, the arrest warrant affidavit merely alleges that Ms. Hill was in some form of an altercation with the victim. At some point the witness heard the sound of gunshots being fired and multiple people, including Ms. Hill, were seen running away from the area where the incident occurred. The original arrest warrants listed Joi Hill as the shooter. On Monday June 14th, the warrants were amended to name Jaquez Hill as the shooter. The emergency bond hearings were held on Wednesday June 16th in front of Circuit Court Judge R. Ferrell Cothran for both Joi Hill and Jaquez D. Hill, who is represented by Clarendon County Public Defender Scott Robinson. The hearing was held in Kingstree at the Williamsburg County Courthouse. In her presentation of facts, Third Circuit Assistant Solicitor Darla Pierce opened by giving the court the background of the case and both the original and amended warrants for Joi Hill. Pierce informed the court that the initial warrant listed Ms. Hill as the shooter, but that was recently amended to remove her as the shooter. She stated that the State feels that Ms. Hill is a flight risk, having family that lives outside of Clarendon County and is a danger to the Clarendon County community. Pierce backed up this argument stating that Ms. Hill has a prior criminal record, but only listed magistrate level offenses. Pierce also described Ms. Hill as “mouthy” and said that Ms. Hill has been heard on multiple accounts stating that “her son would do anything for her.” Pierce alleged that Ms. Hill was at a public night club the night of the incident. The club closed around 3AM and according to the state the patrons from the public club then migrated to the private club. Mr. Bowman was asked to let the patrons know the club was denying entrance to anyone else. According to the state, witnesses then heard Ms. Hill get into a verbal disagreement with Mr. Bowman. They then alleged that Ms. Hill called her son and asked him to “bring her her piece”. Allegedly, Mr. Hill arrived on the scene, at some point, before seven to eight shots were fired at Mr. Bowman and he fell to the ground. According to the state, Mr. Hill, Ms. Hill and Ms. Larkins were then seen fleeing the scene. Furse opened his argument for bond telling the court that Ms. Hill is not a flight risk as she graduated from Scott’s Branch High School in Summerton then attended Morris College where she became pregnant with her first child. Furse said Ms. Hill is a mother of three children and was working at Meritor in Clarendon County at the time of her arrest. He informed the court that she has strong ties to the community and would be living with her father and youngest child if bond was to be granted. Furse stated that Hill’s minimal criminal history does not include any violence that would make her a danger to the community. Furse told the Court that Ms. Hill was given a polygraph by Forensic Interviewing and Consulting Services, LLC out of Camden. A passing score on a polygraph is three, that Ms. Hill with a score of 33 and “in fact passed with flying colors”. Ms. Pierce argued that not only was the polygraph issued by Kent Law Firm, not the State, but polygraphs are not admissible in a court of law and therefore it was irrelevant to the current bond hearing. Furse then defended the polygraph results stating that the polygrapher was Tim Stevenson , one of the most reputable in the state of South Carolina and that Ms. Hill’s was “ the best score Stevenson had seen in over a decade”. Furse asked for Ms. Hill to be released on a Personal Recognizance bond concluding, “I truly believe an innocent woman is sitting in our county jail today; and we are looking forward to proving that fact.” Judge Cothran then presided over a Bond Hearing for Jaquez Daquel Hill, who is charged with Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime. His attorney Scott Robinson asked that Pierce recap the alleged facts against Mr. Hill since his client had not been in the court room to hear the previous arguments and history. Pierce recapped the alleged crime and added this time that there was no evidence that Mr. Bowman was armed at the time the murder occurred. Robinson stated that Mr. Hill was in the same situation as Ms. Hill as far as his warrants being amended. Robinson then asked about the delay in the amended warrants. He posed the question why were the warrants amended after Furse made his motion on June 14th. Pierce stated to the court that Mr. Hill is a flight risk and danger to the Clarendon Community. Robinson told the court that Mr. Hill is engaged with a child on the way. Mr. Hill has no criminal record but does have pending drug charges. Robinson explained that Mr. Hill completely denies any involvement in the murder of Bowman and that he has agreed to a state issued polygraph. Robinson asked for bond with a GPS monitoring device for Mr. Hill. Robinson echoed much of Ms. Hill’s argument that the State did not appear to have much more than rumors with little tangible evidence at this time and said it was unfair for Mr. Hill to sit in jail as the State collects evidence. The day the arrests warrants were issued both Mr. and Ms. Hill turned themselves in to law enforcement with no further incident. Instead of ruling on the matter, the matter was taken under advisement by Judge Cothran. Judge Cothran wants to consult with the judge who issued and amended the warrants prior to making a decision on whether or not to grant bond. A decision on Bond should be made in the next couple of days. At the time of release, calls made to Mr. Robinson and Ms. Pierce had not been returned. Attached is a copy of Ms. Hills polygraph results obtained from Kent Law Firm. Manninglive will update as soon as information becomes available.

Clarendon Consolidated School District 4 Board Meeting Agenda - June 21

Monday, June 21, 2021 | 6:00 p.m. Clarendon School District One Board Room Summerton, SC To Join: via call 1-646-558-8656; via App: ZOOM Meeting ID: 979 4367 3736; Passcode: 8tD6kn Public Participation (Policy BEDH) Directions: Any individual desiring to speak during the public forum time of the meeting will give his or her name, address, and the group he/she represents to the board secretary at least five minutes before the board meeting begins via direct message on the ZOOM App or email at . If the board determines there is not sufficient time at a meeting for public comments, the comment period may be deferred to the next scheduled meeting or to a special called meeting. The board reserves the right to allocate a period of time for this purpose and limit time for speakers accordingly. The Board welcomes public participation at board meetings. Please be reminded that all speakers’ remarks must be limited to 3 minutes or less. We ask that speakers be mindful that this is a business meeting and open to the public. This Board asks that speakers conduct themselves professionally and that their comments remain civil and courteous, bearing in mind that they will be heard by people of all ages. This is an opportunity for Clarendon County residents, community members and parents/guardians to address the Board about issues that serve the public interest and District mission. The Board asks that speakers demonstrate appropriate decorum. AGENDA 1.CALL TO ORDER 2.PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 3.MOMENT OF SILENCE 4.APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA 5.APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF THE MAY 17, 2021 MEETING 6.PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (POLICY BEDH) (See directions above) 7.SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT a. 21-22 Board Meeting Dates b. Update from Clarendon 1 and 3 Board Chairs – Mr. Bonaparte and Mr. Frierson 8.DISCUSSION ITEMS a.Financial Update on Clarendon 1 and 3 b.Update on Consolidation of Clarendon 2 and 4 c.Update on ESSER I, II and III funds d.ESSER III Plan – Request for Input 9.EXECUTIVE SESSION a. Personnel hiring discussions and recommendations for 2021-2022 b. Discussion for legal services (per Policy BDA) 2021-2022 c. Contract addendum for financial services 2021-2022 10. ACTION ITEMS a. Approval of Personnel Recommendations for 2021-2022 b. Approval of Legal Services Providers (BDA) c. Approval of Second Reading of K Policies 1.KA-School/Parent/Community Relations 2.KB-Parent and Family Engagement in Education 3.KBB-Parent Rights and Responsibilities 4.KBE-Relations with Parent Organizations 5.KC-Career and Technical Education Planning and Appeals 6.KCA-School/Community Relations Goals 7.KCD-Public Gifts/Donations 8.KD-Public Information and Communication 9.KDB/E-Public’s Right to Know/Freedom of Information 10.KDC-District-Sponsored Information Media 11.KDCB-Concealed Recording 12.KDD-Media Relations 13.KDDA-Press Releases, Conferences, and Interviews 14.KE-Public Concerns and Complaints 15.KEC/R/E-Public Concerns and Complaints About Instructional Resources 16.KF/R/E1/E2-Community Use of School Facilities 17.KFA-Open Community Use of School Recreational Areas 18.KG-Business and Industry Involvement in Education 19.KHC-Distribution/Posting of Promotional Materials 20.KHE-Political Solicitations in Schools 21.KI/R/E-Visitors 22.KJ-Relations with Community Organizations 23.KLG-Relations with Law Enforcement Agencies 24.KLGA-School Resource Officers d. Approval of Second Reading of L Policies 1.LA-Education Agency Relations Goals and Objectives 2.LBA-Shared Services and Staff 3.LH-Relations With Educational Accreditation Agencies e. Approval of Policy JFAA – Admission of Resident Students Revisions (if necessary) f. Approval of Policy JFAB – Admission of Non-Resident Students Revisions (if necessary) g. Approval of Policy GCC, GCC-R – Professional Staff Leaves and Absences Revisions (if necessary) h. Approval of Policy GDC, GDC-R Support Staff Leaves and Absences Revisions (if necessary) i. Approval of Policy GDD – Support Staff Vacations and Holidays Revisions (if necessary) j. Approval of 2021-2022 Board Meeting Dates k. Approval of Contract for Athletic Field Groundskeeping l. Approval of MOU for College Advising Corps m. Approval to join JUUL Lawsuit n. Approval of Christian Learning Center course o. Approval of Out-of-State Field Trip for East Clarendon students p. Approval of MOU for Carolina CAP program 11. ADJOURNMENT.

Food Truck opens in Manning

Southern Delight BBQ is a Clarendon County-based family-owned food truck that recently opened. The South- ern delight BBQ food truck is owned by Mary Hickman Brown. The truck was a birthday present from her son Westley Brown, who recently passed away. Mary Hick- man is a resident of the Alcolu area. Hickman has always been involved with the food industry and cooking. Mary has cooked and grilled for events such as the Striped Bass Festival. Westley Brown has always envisioned his moth- er owning a food truck while sharing her delicious food with the community. Marilyn West is the daughter of Mary Hickman Brown and sister of Westley Brown, who has also contributed to the success of the food truck. The inspira- tion behind the food truck began with the love Westley Brown had for his mother’s cooking. The family have al- ways been active in cooking and with festivals. Wesley then decided it was time to buy his mother her own personal food truck. The food truck launch was on May 22nd, 2021. This was in honor of Westley Brown’s birthday week. Mary Hickman plans to keep her food truck mostly within the Clarendon County area. This would include any local fes- tivals that will also take place in Manning. The truck will be in the downtown Manning area every Tuesday and will be open from 11 p.m. to 3 p.m. once a week. There will be many southern-styled food items on the menu when you visit the food truck. Ribs, BBQ, turkey legs and more.

Clarendon County School Board Agenda - June 17

JOINT MEETING OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF CLARENDON COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICTS Thursday, June 17, 2021, 6:00 p.m. Manning High School Lecture Hall AGENDA 1.Call to Order- Chairman Ceth Land, Clarendon County Board of Trustees. 2.Establishment of a Quorum (for each respective board). 3.Approval of Agenda. 4.Invocation. 5.Pledge of Allegiance. 6.Media Notification. 7.Purpose of Meeting. 8.Consolidation Planning Presentation- “Coming Together Under the Law to Serve”- Legal Counsel 9.Consolidation Update – Dr. Shawn Johnson a.Consolidation Plan b.Shared Services 10. Development of Policy Manual – SCSBA Assisting the Clarendon County Board 11. Legislative Update – Senator Kevin Johnson 12. Board Comments 13. Adjournment.
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Azalea club arranges flowers for Manning buisnesses

The Azalea Garden Club met on June 7th, 2021, at Land Parker and Welch to cre- ate flower arrangements. This is an annual event that has been held by the Azalea Gar- den Club members for the last 20-25 years. Garden members and presidents of the club create beautiful flower arrangements for Clarendon County offices and businesses. Every year during national garden week, members give their appreciation and love with each flower arrangement they make. All of the flowers made in the arrangements are sent to 36 offices in Clarendon Coun- ty. Each of the flowers in the arrangements are grown at every club member’s house.

Benefit for Raymond McCarthy

Nearly three months ago, Raymond McCarthy was diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma. The disease began at the top of McCarthy’s scalp and progressed to his bones, back area and the front of his skull. He is currently in stage four and receives radiation everyday for three weeks in Florence, SC. McCarthy has owned an air conditioning business, S & M Multi Family Services, for nearly forty years. McCarthy is also a musician and has been playing the drums since the age of ten. Raymond is now 63 years old and has played in nearly every local band in Clarendon County. Raymond's friend Tod Gram, a member of Distant Couzins' band, was the one who organized the Benefit for Raymond McCarthy fundraiser. Annie Cockreill, Cathy McCarthy, Lesa Mosier and Dory Josey also played a huge role in getting the fundraiser together. On June 2nd, they opened a bank account for all fundraiser proceeds. If anyone is interested in donating to the Benefit for Raymond McCarthy, they can donate under Cathy McCarthy or Raymond McCarthy at the bank of Clarendon. All proceeds are deeply appreciated by the McCarthy family.
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Azalea club arranges flowers for Manning businesses

The Azalea Garden Club met on June 7th, 2021, at Land Parker and Welch to create flower arrangements. This is an annual event that has been held by the Azalea Garden Club members for the last 20-25 years. Garden members and presidents of the club create beautiful flower arrangements for Clarendon County offices and businesses. Every year during national garden week, members give their appreciation and love with each flower arrangement they make. All of the flowers made in the arrangements are sent to 36 offices in Clarendon County. Each of the flowers in the arrangements are grown at every club member’s house.

Belding awarded key to the city

Former senator John Land and Marie Land hosted a sur- prise reception in honor of the accomplishments made by John Belding and Lee Beld- ing. At the reception, friends of the Beldings gave speeches about how the Beldings have truly impacted their lives for the better. John made a sig- nificant contribution to the Second Chance Animal Shel- ter in Manning, South Caro- lina. He inspired and moti- vated workers at the shelter, and constantly reminded them of how proud he was of them and the shelter’s success. He influenced many people in Clarendon County.