Clarence, NY


WKBW: Kids Learn Coping And Stress Management During Yoga Class

For 45 minutes, every week, kids five to seven years old learn to cope with everyday life and manage their stress inside Shapiro Holistic Health Soul Healing Center in Clarence, New York. "In combination with everything that is going on with the world for the last couple of years, I...

Sunflowers of Sanborn opening August 1

SANBORN, N.Y. — Get your cameras ready, one of Western New York's favorite summer attractions will be opening soon. The Sunflowers of Sanborn announced Monday on its official Facebook page that it plans on opening for the season in August. Starting Aug. 1, the Sunflowers of Sanborn will be...

Western New York Rootie’s Shortage Might Be Over Soon

Thanks to one persistent local, we might know when our favorite Buffalo blue cheese will finally be back in stock. Buffalo’s own Rootie’s Famous Gourmet Blue Cheese has been MIA from supermarkets for months. Frustrated wing lovers all over Western New York have resorted to hoarding bottles of it the rare times their local store has it on their shelves. Some have even (GASP) switched blue cheese brands just to make sure their wings aren’t completely naked this summer. There has even been some speculation out there that the Rootie’s company might not be doing well financially (a heartbreaking fact for many local businesses after the pandemic), leaving many to wonder if they’d ever get their hands on their precious Rootie’s blue cheese again.

Large Boa Constrictor Found on Lawn of New York State Family

Snakes are out all across New York state this time of year. They're a part of nature. But while some other recent snake sightings are species commonly found in New York and surrounding states, this particular case wasn't. This was no native species, as it's probably another case of someone with an exotic pet that either got loose or simply got too big to take care of. A family in New York state was in for the shock of their lives recently when it showed up on their property.

Summer Event Favorite Is Back In Western New York

You may have seen pictures at the Botanical Gardens this weekend and wondered, “Is it really back?”. Dining at Dusk returned to the Botanical Gardens on June 26 with BBQ and Brass, featuring dinner from Curly’s Grille, live music from Buffalo Brass Machine, and desserts from High Vibe Sweets – but there are more chances this summer to go “Dining at Dusk” at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens.

Mystic Hills Brewery planned for ski country

EAST CONCORD, N.Y. — An East Concord couple is planning to open a brewery a few miles from Sprague Brook County Park and Kissing Bridge Ski Resort. Mystic Hills Brewing will open this fall in a 1,700-square-foot facility at 10959 Allen Road, East Concord, next door to the home of Reanna Dembitsky and Michael Prusakowski, who are engaged to be married later this summer.

Cooking up favorites for a following

Alex Dispence was a fine dining chef. He cooked in some of America’s top resorts, country clubs and golf courses. But you won’t find him in those places now. If you want to see what Alex is cooking up these days, you need to scroll TikTok and Instagram. The chef-turned-content-creator posts 30-second videos of delicious dishes that are easy to replicate at home.

Trip Report: Toronto to Niagara Falls, NY for NEXUS/Global Entry Appointment

I travel to 20+ countries a year sharing my firsthand knowledge of reward travel, travel credit card deals, travel tips and more. If you subscribe to my free daily travel tip newsletter or listen to my travel segment on Leo Laporte’s The Tech Guy every Saturday, then you know I’m always touting Global Entry and TSA PreCheck. Global Entry is arguably the best thing to to international travel since lie-flat seats. The expedited customs clearance program began in 2008, costs $100 for five years and is for pre-approved low-risk air travelers entering the United States. It’s available to U.S. citizens, U.S. lawful permanent residents and eligible citizens from the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, India, Germany, Panama, Singapore and the United Kingdom.