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Opinion: Clackamas County's ludicrous election errors must end

Mary Kenny Norville: This November, stop the insanity and reward competency.Our county elections office has once again made a seemingly incomprehensible mistake. Just this month Clackamas County Clerk Sherry Hall made another ludicrous error: 3,800 households in the McLoughlin and Park Place neighborhoods received the wrong Voters' Pamphlet. I know, because our household was one of them. Really? How do mistakes like this happen? Is there quality control at the county elections office? Pamplin Media Group reported just this last May that the elections office had to spend an additional $100,000 to fix a barcode printing error. One only...
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Oregon Rescue Squad Recovers Mount Hood Climber’s Body Months After Her Death

The identity of the Mount Hood climber and her companion have both been revealed after her body was finally able to be reached. Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office confirms the body of 34-year-old Pradnya Mohite of Issaquah, Washington was recovered from Oregon’s Mount Hood on Saturday, August 6. Her recovery comes nearly five months after her death on the treacherous part of the mountain.

Opinion: How does Clerk Sherry Hall keep getting reelected?

Oregon City resident: I'm scratching my head after receiving incorrect Voters' Pamphlet in mayoral election.How many times will Clackamas County Clerk Sherry Hall get away with screwing up an election before voters dump her? Hall's latest instance of malfeasance came to light when I opened the official envelope, with her name prominently displayed, and pulled out the ballot for Oregon City mayor — and the Voters' Pamphlet for the Oak Lodge Water Services District board! Time after time after time I have scratched my head, wondering how Sherry Hall manages to get reelected. A search on the internet turned up a whole raft of mishaps that I either didn't know about or had forgotten. I also learned that after 20 years in office, she confounds subordinates with her lack of understanding of election procedures. She rarely admits or takes responsibility for errors, and her excuses are invariably lame. In 2012, a temporary elections worker, Deanna Swenson, got caught tampering with ballots. Could that be the secret of Hall's election success? David Hedges is an Oregon City resident. {loadposition sub-article-01}

Letter: Sherry Hall's managerial incompetence permeates elections

Patrick Smith: Clackamas County clerk has 'no big deal' attitude about continual gaffes.According to former President Harry Truman, "the buck stops here." He made this statement that responsibility for executive issues was eventually his. Now, let's fast forward to Clackamas County Clerk Sherry Hall. We have yet another electoral faux pas at her office, as Oregon City voters received incorrect pamphlets for an upcoming mayoral election. Hall's oft-demonstrated managerial incompetence needs not to be gone over again. When asked about continued errors, Hall's attitude is basically: "No big deal." Hall should be held ultimately responsible for management of elections in Clackamas County. Hall's lack of supervision seems to have permeated the body of her staff. While Hall continues to sign off on the continuing gaffes, members of her staff continue the process of incompetence by producing error-filled work. After the November election, when hopefully we have another county clerk in command, addressing what seems to be some baked-in staff incompetence that must be addressed immediately by whomever succeeds Hall. Patrick Smith Gladstone {loadposition sub-article-01}

Clackamas County Again Under Fire For Election Issues

OREGON CITY, Ore. (AP) — Clackamas County is under fire for another elections blunder. Thousands of voters this week received the wrong pamphlets for the Oregon City mayor’s race. County officials noticed the error on Thursday and said voters in the county’s 600 precinct should expect to get...