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Blood soaked toddler found in the chaos during July 4th parade shooting is now an orphan, death toll rises to 8

HIGHLAND PARK, Ilinois – In the minutes after a gunman opened fire on American citizens who lined the street to watch their local 4th of July parade, killing 8 and injuring two dozen others, an urgent plea went out about a toddler who was picked up by complete strangers who were just trying to get the boy to safety. We are learning now that his parents were among the 8 that perished that day.

COMMENTARY: How twerking can save America

There has been nothing short of a grassroots movement that proves that the path forward to save America will require everyone to twerk for their favorite cause. One can twerk in public, and save democracy, one pelvic thrust at a time. It’s ok if you don’t have the rhythm, just pretend like your abdomen is having a seizure and you will be fine.

Civil Rights attorney seems to justify shooting police officers, there’s only so many times you can violate people’s dignity before they respond

Charles Coleman Jr., a Civil Rights attorney, and MSNBC legal analyst was presented with statistics showing officers are being shot at a record pace and asked for his comments on the data. His answer seems to blame police officers for their own demise. He suggested that people are responding after years of pleading for the ability to “engage law enforcement with basic standards of dignity and humanity.”

CHICAGO: Large crowds injure 3 cops, damage CPD squad cars

CHICAGO, Illinois – Crowds of people threw rocks and fireworks at Chicago police officers while others climbed onto occupied CPD squad cars as cops responded to disturbances on the city’s northwest and southwest sides overnight. Two officers received minor injuries, and three patrol cars were damaged, according to CPD reports.

The myths and mysteries of the Liberty Bell, and the story of Revolutionary War patriots who removed it from Philadelphia and hid it for almost one year

The Liberty Bell is one of America’s most iconic symbols of freedom. It was supposedly rung to celebrate the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and it was melted down and recast twice, but its lesser-known history includes a wagon trip from Philadelphia where it was hidden in the basement of a church in Allentown, Pennsylvania for nearly one year to save it from falling into the hands of the British.