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Grants Fire and Rescue participated

Grants Fire and Rescue participated in the 84th Annual Tri-State Firemen's Association and Fire College in Dolores, Colorado. GFR and Milan Fire Department represented Cibola County at this event that also provided updated firemen training to Cibola’s dedicated firefighting crews.In 2023, theAnnual Tri-State Firemen’sAssociation and Fire College will be coming to San Rafael. Grants Fire and Rescue Chief Robert Hays is hoping that the event will bring a lively crowd to Cibola and teach valuable skills to fire crews.
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Merging the Police

GRANTS, N.M. – A crisp breeze filled the air in the mid-morning of August 5. There were puddles of water outside the Cibola County government complex reflecting the American flag that flies high over the complex. The complex was relatively empty on that Friday, when a meeting to discuss merging the different law enforcement agencies of Cibola into one metropolitan force took place. Initially set for 10 a.m., the meeting was going to gather Jeff Marez, Grants Police Chief; Carl Ustupski, Milan Police Chief; and Cibola County Sheriff Tony Mace. Together, along with the managers of each respective government, to begin conversations that may lead to a combination of resources between the three agencies.
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CDC Recommends Mask Wearing in Cibola Once Again

The United States Centers for Disease Control are recommending mask wearing for eight New Mexico counties, including Cibola. The recommendation comes as COVID-19 spread rises in rural New Mexico. Transmission of the deadly disease has been high in Cibola County for months, but on August 4, the CDC revised recommendations for the Cibola area that calls on residents to wear face coverings like masks to prevent further spread of the disease.

Grants-Cibola County School Supply Lists

Cibola County parents may find a change in the typical school year preparation. This year, there are no school lists with items for students to purchase. According to a representative with the Grants-Cibola County School District, students will not be required to purchase any school supplies this year because almost everything will be purchased for students by the school district.

CCSO Works to Protect Cibola’s Muslims

GRANTS, N.M. – The recent murders of Muslims in Albuquerque, New Mexico has shaken the state, and prompted additional efforts by the Cibola County Sheriff’s Office to keep all people in the county – regardless of race, ethnicity, or religious background – safe. Cibola County is...

Letters to the Editor

There is no place for racial hatred, gender/sexual orientation hatred, misogyny, or partisan extremism in the United States military. Mr. Hall, please cease and desist listing the USAF in your cockamamy, hateful opeds. You, sir, besmirch men and women in uniform. Our military might is derived from individual excellence of every service member. Diversity amongst our ranks is a positive asset in our mission accomplishments.

Uranium Mining Returns to Cibola

SEBOYETA, N.M. – Uranium mining was once the largest economic strength for the Greater Grants area, which at the time was part of Valencia County, New Mexico. Shortly after the collapse of uranium in the United States, Cibola County was formed and Grants became the county seat. Now, 41 years after the end of uranium mining in the Greater Grants area, a Canadian Company is seeking to bring uranium mining back to Cibola County.

July 2022 COVID-19 in Cibola Update

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of at least 201 residents of Cibola County, New Mexico. The disease continues to make its way through Cibola County, at a time where mask wearing and social distancing is rare to find. As of August 1, Cibola County has 491 active cases of COVID-19 – this is only confirmed cases, unconfirmed cases likely exist.

Astronomical Events in August over Cibola

A series of astronomical events will take place in the skies over Cibola County this month. Cibola is a prime location to do skygazing any night, with limited light pollution, the skies are crystal clear and offer enchanting views of the Milky Way Galaxy and the many constellations. August 2022...
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Woman accused of causing deadly chase pleads guilty in other cases

SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – The woman accused of leading Santa Fe Police on a wrong-way chase down I-25, causing a crash that killed an officer and retired firefighter, then lying about being kidnapped, pleaded guilty on Monday for two other cases. In one of those cases, she gave police a similar made-up story.

Car crash in Cibola County leaves infant dead, others injured

An infant is dead after two vehicles collided on Interstate 40, near milepost 79, by Milan, N.M. On Aug. 2, around 5:15 am, the New Mexico State Police responded to the two-vehicle fatal rollover crash. In a press release, the state police stated that a 2004 Honda Pilot SUV and...

Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are out and in force across Cibola County. Fogging measures are underway to eliminate the pests, but recent heavy rain spurred on by the monsoons are keeping the bugs around. Especially in areaswhere water pools up, mosquitos are very prevalent. The City of Grants and Village of Milan are...

Cibola’s War on Drugs

CIBOLA COUNTY, N.M. – One year ago, the Cibola Citizen took a deep dive into the epidemic of Fentanyl in Cibola County. Since our first report over the crisis, the situation has only grown worse. Over the last week, Cibola was reminded about the danger of drugs that these...

New Hotline for Mental Health Assistance

Residents of Cibola County can Call or Text 988 for Mental Health Help. A new phone number will make it easier to access mental health tools and support nationwide. Cibola County residents, like all Americans, can now call or text “988” for mental health support. The three-digit number...