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Consumer Investigation: This Rochester Renter had a soccer ball-sized hole in her ceiling. She says the city did little

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WHEC) — If you live in the Flower City, chances are you're renting your home. And half of Rochester renters live in substandard housing. This is an issue I’ve been investigating for months. While touring rentals I've seen everything from rodents to roof leaks to rotting floors. Some renters tell me they've been trying to get their homes repaired for years, and the city has done little more than cite violations and issue fines.
Picture for Consumer Investigation: This Rochester Renter had a soccer ball-sized hole in her ceiling. She says the city did little

Jumping, hungry ‘snake worms’ are here to make life hell

When gardeners say, “Jump!” these worms say, “How high?” Experts at the California Department of Food and Agriculture are warning gardeners about “aggressive” snakelike worms called Amynthas agrestis, or the Asian jumping worm. But “jumping worm” is putting it nicely. The squirming monsters are known to jump up to a foot off the ground. “True to their name, they jump and thrash immediately when handled, behaving more like a threatened snake than a worm, sometimes even breaking and shedding their tail when caught,” the CDFA said in a report, adding that they have been known to jump off the ground or out of bait cans. They also have a big appetite and are “extremely active and aggressive,” the CDFA warned in the report. The worms hail from east Asia, particularly Japan and the Korean Peninsula, and entered the US in the 1900s through the soil in potted plants, according to the US Department of Agriculture. Since then, the invasive nibblers have been spotted in 34 states, most recently in California. The tweet above from last year shows jumping worms found along Irondequoit Creek in Webster, New York.

Eden has changed locations but kept its menu of favorites

As if jumping the hurdles of finding the right space, obtaining permits and making desired renovations wasn’t enough for Judy Hysek’s restaurant move, there has been the added stress of illness, little things going wrong and nailing down final details that pushed back her opening date, she says.

Wildlife Rock Stars: Red Crested Turaco

Our friends from Wildlife Rock Stars are back on Good Day Rochester, and they’ve brought a special guest!. Sara Saylor and Sam Strobridge of Wildlife Rockstars introduce us to a Rocko the Red Crested Turaco, who's an African bird that has a long tail, a short stout often colored bill, and red wing feathers; they are related to Cuckoos.

Falcon eggs could hatch this week

ROCHESTER N.Y. (WHEC) — Nova, the falcon incubating her four eggs on the Times Square Building, could become a mother sometime this week. Rochester Falcon Cam announced on Tuesday that the window for egg hatching started after four weeks of egg sitting. The camera shows Nova guarding her four...

Wegmans to Open Its First D.C. Store July 13

Wegmans Food Markets is getting ready for its Washington, D.C., debut. The Rochester, N.Y.-based grocery retailer announced July 13 as the opening date for its store on Wisconsin Avenue at City Ridge in Northwest Washington, D.C.—following on the heels of a store opening in Carlyle, Va., on May 11.

Bond Vet, District Dogs set to open in Clarendon next month

Primary and urgent veterinary care clinic Bond Vet and dog daycare and boarding facility District Dogs are set to open locations in Clarendon in June. Both businesses are coming to The Crossing Clarendon retail center. Bond Vet, a chain based out of New York City, will open at 2871 Clarendon...

An Ode to Brooklyn Hots, the Best Place to Eat Dive-y Food and Drink Natural Wine in New York City

Next door to Clinton Hill’s beloved bottle shop, Radicle Wines, you’ll find the team’s unexpectedly magical BYOB restaurant called Brooklyn Hots. The menu highlights the indulgent regional cuisine of Rochester, N.Y., through a hero dish, the Trash Plate, which — according to the Brooklyn Hots team — is what you eat after a night of binge drinking Bud Heavies or working a long shift. It usually features macaroni salad, fries, and two cheeseburgers, all slathered in ketchup, mustard, onions and meat sauce, lovingly slopped together in a styrofoam to-go box.