This Supreme Court has a clear agenda: Christian theocracy

To the extent that we have a future to speak of, historians in that upcoming era will undoubtedly look back at the past few weeks of Supreme Court rulings and rightfully deem this stretch as the most significant lurch toward overt American theocracy in the modern era. While much of the public’s attention has (rightly) been laser focused on the revocation of the federal right to reproductive health care, this court — one whose conservative majority was installed almost entirely by presidents who lost the popular vote — has gone well beyond simply denying the personhood of pregnant people. As evidenced by looking at this terms’ rulings en masse, it’s clear this panel is committed to the longstanding right-wing enterprise of Christian minority rule in this country.
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Think Christianity Is Anti-Abortion? Think Again

Click here to read the full article. Among God’s faithful, a unified and triumphant cry rises up from the land. As the godly take their place in the pews, Bibles in hand, hearts in throats, there is bountiful rejoicing. Roe is defeated. Goodness has prevailed. The people of God have won for Him a great victory. That narrative largely aligns with what Americans have been led to believe. It also happens to be false, the product of an effort by conservative white evangelicals to convince us all that an anti-abortion stance is synonymous with godliness, that Christians are united in their...
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Supreme Court Lets Public Schools Coerce Students Into Practicing Christianity

In another extreme ruling, the Supreme Court has removed foundational, decades-old constitutional limits on religion in public schools. Its Monday decision in Kennedy v. Bremerton School District overruled a half-century of precedent to elevate the rights of public school officials over students. The ruling will allow these officials to engage in coercive sectarian prayer on the job. Justice Neil Gorsuch’s 6–3 decision is another maximalist attack on the separation of church and state, stripping students of their First Amendment freedom against religious indoctrination. His opinion also embraces a false narrative of faith-based persecution, illustrating yet again that this court will manipulate facts to reach its desired outcome.
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Justice, love and kindness to walk humbly with God

There is no single verse of scripture that is above the rest of the Bible, but many powerful verses stand out in personal and communal faith that hold unique meaning. These special verses of the Bible mark the repetition of prayers, sermons, and conversations as the faithful lovingly and confidently claim the sacred truth of Scripture to encourage, challenge, admonish, teach, inspire, and cultivate a deeper faith. One such scripture comes from the tiny prophetic book of Micah 6:8.

Don Kahle: When faith turns fifty

Fifty years ago this Saturday, I made a momentous decision. It has shaped my life since, directly for the first quarter-century, and indirectly since. It was a decision that is more private than what’s usually shared on this page, but a half-century merits departure, if only because I don’t expect to see another. When my parents chose the Northwest suburbs of Chicago to raise a family, they bought a house and got busy. In about 10 years,...

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Luke Evans

Luke Evans’ acting career has been the stuff that dreams are made of. Born and raised in Wales, Luke probably never imagined that he would one day be known by millions of people. However, thanks to his impeccable acting skills that’s exactly what’s happened. He has appeared in well over two dozen on-screen projects and he has shown that he was born to be a star. Every time you see his name attached to a project, you can trust that Luke is going to put on a stellar performance. His fans will be pleased to know that he currently has a handful of projects in the works that will take his career to even higher heights. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Luke Evans.

America’s religious communities are divided over the issue of abortion: 5 essential reads

Since the first indications that the U.S. Supreme Court could overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling, following a leaked draft opinion on May 2, 2022, religious leaders from many denominations have been working to preserve access to abortion care, even as others prayed for Roe to indeed be overruled. A minister in Texas was among those working on coordinating abortion care, including flying women to New Mexico to get abortions.