China-Taiwan news – live: Top Taiwan official found dead as China accused of attack simulation

A top Taiwanese defence ministry official was found dead on Saturday as the self-governing territory accused China of carrying out a “simulated attack” with the country’s warships and planes conducting missions in the Taiwan Strait.Ou Yang Li-hsing, the deputy head of the Taiwan defence ministry’s research and development unit, died from a heart attack on Saturday in his hotel room, reported state media.The room had no signs of ‘intrusion’ and his family had a history of heart disease, said the official Central News Agency.Meanwhile, the defence ministry tweeted on Saturday that multiple Chinese craft conducted missions in the Taiwan...
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Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan trip has intensified the US and China’s chips showdown. Now the world’s chipmakers may be forced to pick a side

Speaker of the U.S. House Of Representatives Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), left, poses for photographs with Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen, right, at the president's office on August 03, 2022 in Taipei, Taiwan. This week, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi became the highest-ranking American official to visit Taiwan in 25 years. Her...

China cuts off vital US contacts over Pelosi Taiwan visit

WASHINGTON (AP) — China cut off contacts with the United States on vital issues Friday — including military matters and crucial climate cooperation — as concerns rose that the Communist government’s hostile reaction to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit could signal a lasting, more aggressive approach toward its U.S. rival and the self-ruled island. China’s move to freeze key lines of communication compounded the worsening of relations from Pelosi’s visit and from the Chinese response with military exercises off Taiwan, including firing missiles that splashed down in surrounding waters. After the White House summoned China’s ambassador, Qin Gang, late Thursday to protest the military exercises, White House spokesman John Kirby on Friday condemned the decision to end important dialogue with the United States as “irresponsible.” The White House spokesman blasted China’s “provocative” actions since Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, which China claims as part of its territory. But Kirby noted that some channels of communication remain open between military officials in the two countries. He repeated daily assurances that the U.S. had not changed its policy toward the Communist mainland and the self-ruled island.

Top Taiwan official leading missile production found dead in hotel room, report says

A top Taiwan defence ministry official leading a missile production unit was found dead on Saturday morning in a hotel room, reported government-controlled Central News Agency (CNA).Ou Yang Li-hsing, who was the deputy head of the Taiwan military-owned National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, died from a heart attack.The official was found dead in a hotel room in southern Taiwan but there were no signs of ‘intrusion’, according to CNA.His family had a history of heart disease and he also had a cardiac stent, said the report.News of the official’s death comes amid heightened tensions after US House...

China's largest-ever Taiwan military drills draw to a close

China's largest-ever military exercises surrounding Taiwan were drawing to a close on Sunday following a controversial visit last week to the island by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Beijing conducted "exercises in the sea and airspace surrounding Taiwan Island as planned", the Chinese military's Eastern Command said.

By taunting the US ‘paper tiger’, China risks provoking a backlash over Taiwan

The historic visit of the US House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan on Wednesday has certainly triggered a harsh response from China. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has been conducting a series of drills around the island that amount to a partial blockade of the Taiwan Strait. In addition, Beijing has announced sanctions against Taiwan, affecting goods from pineapple cakes (a Taiwanese delicacy) to oranges; it has also declared eight countermeasures in response to Pelosi’s visit, which included cancelling dialogues between the leaders of Chinese and US military theatres and suspending the joint Sino-US talks on climate change.

Sanya: Covid lockdown strands tourists on 'China's Hawaii'

More than 80,000 tourists have been left stranded in a popular resort in China after a coronavirus outbreak sparked a lockdown. Authorities cancelled all flights and trains from Sanya, known as "China's Hawaii", on Saturday, a day after 263 positive cases were confirmed. Travellers must now present five negative PCR...

Lindsey Graham: China flexing its muscles because Biden's admin is 'dumb and weak'

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., slammed President Biden's "weak" handling of escalating tensions with China on "One Nation with Brian Kilmeade." LINDSEY GRAHAM: Why does Taiwan matter? Ninety percent of the high-end chip manufacturing in the world is done in Taiwan. The last thing you want China to do is to take over Taiwan, have a monopoly in the 21st century chip market. So here's the deal.

Taiwanese shrug off China drills: "Everyone becomes numb to it"

LIUQIU ISLAND, Taiwan — Families collected shells on the beach and tourists took selfies at sunset on the tiny resort island of Liuqiu, less than six miles away from one of the "danger zones" where China is conducting live-fire military drills. The big picture: While international attention focuses on...