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Arrest Warrant Issued For Friend Of Shanquella Robinson

Shanquella RobinsonPhoto byScreenshot: WCNC Charlotte via NBC News (Fair Use) There has been a development in the story of Shanquella Robinson. Shanquella Robinson was a woman from Charlotte, North Carolina who was killed while on vacation in Mexico. Now, an arrest warrant has been issued for her death, according to a Mexican prosecutor.
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4 Great Seafood Places in North Carolina

Photo byPhoto by Kaitlin Dowis on UnsplashonUnsplash. If you live in North Carolina here is a list of four amazing restaurants that are highly praised by both local people and travellers for their absolutely delicious food and impeccable service, so make sure to visit them if you have never been to any of them.

Winter fest is back !

This past weekend I was invited to the Christmas media preview at Carowinds ! Winterfest @carowinds is back ! Experience : Cookie decorating w/Mrs.Clause Ice skating on snowflake lake Holiday food & drinks Winterfest Wonderland Parade And much more … Catch the holiday spirit at Carowinds from Nov 21- Jan 1

Two NC Cities were named the Most Expensive Places To Live in the United States

Two NC cities were named "The Most Expensive Places to Live in the United States". Here's why.Photo byForbes. The state of North Carolina has gotten national recognition for a lot of things. The state has beautiful beaches, great schools, and plenty of entertainment. However, two of its cities are a few of the most expensive places to live in the United States according to a new report! In this article, we will take a look at which cities in NC are two of the most expensive places to live as well as a few other cities that made the list as well!

TV news helicopter crashed in north Carolina

Two persons die after TV news Helicopter crashes in North Carolina, police said. A helicopter pilot and a meteorologist who worked for a North Carolina TV channel passed on when a news helicopter crashed along an interstate thruway in the Charlotte region, as per specialists and the station.

This Quiet Town Was Named the Best Place To Live in South Carolina

This quiet SC town was named the best place to live in the state.Photo byMove Charlotte Smarter. There are a lot of nice towns and cities to call home in the state of South Carolina. Rather you want to live in a beach town or somewhere more rural where everyone knows one another, there is a town in the state that will suit you and your family's needs. One major publication just recently published a list of the "Best Places to Live in South Carolina". Like always, these lists are always controversial and not everyone will agree. However, they always get a great conversation started! In this article, we will take a look at what city was named the best place to stay in the state as well as the other cities that were named.

Video Surfaces Of Women Allegedly Being Beaten To Death While Her Friends Watch

Shanquella Robinson(MALAIKA JABALI/Essence) The case of Shanquella Robinson has taken the nation by storm. It has gotten to the point where the FBI and Mexican prosecutors have both opened their own separate investigations. Although their investigations are separate, the goal remains the same. They are looking to solve the very mysterious death of a woman who went on vacation for the last time.

5 Great Burger Places in North Carolina

If your favorite comfort food is a nice burger with some fries on the side, you are in the right place because that's what this article is all about, a list of five amazing burger spots in North Carolina that are known for serving absolutely delicious burgers, every day of the week.

Cuban vibes in Charlotte

Brunch me out ‼️ Yesterday , Brunch at El Puro did not disappoint . So I actually frequent @elpurocubanrestaurant but for dinner , this was my first time having brunch there . They laid out the red carpet yesterday & also had a cigar roller on site and cigars for sale outside in the patio area. They also have a live band playing as well per usual. You’re going to always feel the Cuban vibes when you arrive here. Today 11/20/22 they will have the Cuban cigar roller and a classic car show happening on-top of the live music . After seeing all of this yumminess we devoured If you don’t have brunch plans today now you do ! El Puro 📍5033 S.Blvd Charlotte,NC 28217

Upscale Beauty Braid Bar

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