‘The Ace & TJ Show’ Coming Off Charlotte Flagship As ‘Ace & TJ 5G’ Rolls-Out.

A major change is planned for the regionally-syndicated “The Ace & TJ Show” as the program will no longer be heard in its home base of Charlotte. The popular morning show has been heard in the market for nearly a quarter-century, but as of as of Sept. 1, David “Ace” Cannon and Ritchie “TJ” Beams will no longer air on iHeartMedia CHR “Hits 96.1” WHQC, which has served as the show’s flagship radio station for nearly ten years, the Charlotte Observer reports.
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The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Arrived in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC - The Immersive Van Gogh exhibit has been available to residents of Charlotte since its opening on June 17, 2021 and will continue until September 12, 2021. When the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit was held in Toronto, people welcomed it so well that it sold out quickly. The creators of the blockbuster exhibit in Paris, a successful one that has reached the number of over 2 million visitors, are the same creators behind the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit. In Charlotte, this exhibit will be presented in the historic building at Camp North End. Around 300,000 square feet platform will be a place for artistic creative development to be built for various functions, including artistic expression, workspace, entertainment, recreation, and community building.
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Lois Quilliams weaves quilts and an amazing tapestry of life

I went to Lois Quilliams' home in Lowell to talk about the beautiful quilts she produces and her propensity for giving them to family and special friends. And talk about quilting, we did. But we talked more about the quilt of her own remarkable life and of the squares she...
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Belmont woman: Why settle for a bowl when you can have art

Peg Argent creates pottery pieces to be functional. And while any number of stores sell bowls, Argent says her motto of "add art to your table" helps people put beautiful in the place of the ordinary. "When you have company over and they say, 'Oh my gosh, that is so...
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Local filmmaker selected for JoeDance Film Festival

INDIAN TRAIL — Eden Lee, of Indian Trail, is a nurse by trade; however, her interest in acting and filmmaking is flourishing as evidenced by her short film being shown at the Joedance Virtual Film Festival on Friday, Aug. 6. The Joedance Film Festival, based in Charlotte, was created in...
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6th grade author helps launch Charlotte pop-up library

Jade Watkins, 11-year-old author of the book “I AM ME,” will help launch the first of two community pop-up libraries along the West Boulevard and Steele Creek corridors in Charlotte. Watkins is the founder of Jade’s Traveling Backpack Mission that was established in 2012. “What inspired me to write I...

9PM: Dynasty “Everything But Facing Reality”

Dominique plans to launch her new fashion line as she and Alexis once again vie for the same thing, with nothing going as planned for either of them at 9PM Friday on WCCB Charlotte’s CW. Click to watch episode promo on YouTube. About DYNASTY:. DYNASTY is back, which means the...

8PM: Burden Of Truth “River City” Season 4 Premiere

The Oro North mining project has divided opinion in Millwood, but Joanna Chang has firmly chosen a side on the season premiere of Burden of Truth at 8PM Friday on WCCB Charlotte’s CW. Click to watch trailer on YouTube. About Burden of Truth:. BURDEN OF TRUTH is a serialized investigative...