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Arm-wrestlers make worlds

Prineville arm-wrestlers excelled once again in June at the National Pro-Am Arm-wrestling Championships in North Lake Tahoe, Nevada in 1997July 1, 1997 Prineville armwrestlers excelled once again in June at the National Pro-Am Armwrestling Championships in North Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Billy Wilson and Dobbs Pressley each per formed well enough to qualify for the Gold Bear World Armwrestling Championships, April 3, 1998 in Moscow, Russia. Pressley's performance at last year's national competition also qualified him for the world championships. Pressley placed first as a left-hand amateur in the 0-132-pound division, and he was third as a right-hand pro in the 0-132-pound...
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Crook County Cowboys High School summer team having a busy season on the diamond

Despite going just 1-3 in the tournament, Crook County still finished in sixth place in the 20-team tournament due to run differential.It has a busy couple of weeks for the Crook County High School summer baseball team. Two weeks ago, the Cowboys played six games in six days. Then, this week, the team played two more games — making eight games in 12 days. The busy schedule started on Tuesday, June 21, as Crook County fell to Ridgeview 11-3. The next day, the team was at Madras where they took an early lead, but gave up a lot of runs...

Eight from Prineville revisit Nepal after two-year COVID hiatus

The group had been grounded for two years due to regulations concerning COVID-1 In April, eight from Prineville had the long-awaited chance to rekindle the mission to the heights of Nepal. Chris and Michelle Cross, Shiloh Binder, Lisa Neuberger, Jake Childers, my wife Lindsey, oldest son Russell and I made up the team. We went to reach those of the Himalayas who have never heard of Jesus and the salvation that is preached in His Name.

Kids playing outside should be normal, not a novelty

Kids spending time outside still happens, of course, but it just seems like the hours have grown shorter.Growing up, summers were a magical time of year. Nine months of academic grinding gave way to a three-month, sun-soaked reprieve and us kids reveled in the time out of the classroom. For me, it meant endless hours testing my bike-jumping skills, my fort-building prowess, and how late into the twilight of the summer evenings I could stay outside. More than 30 years later, I don't want to say that times have drastically changed. Kids still pack the local swimming pool. On hot...

First fundraiser event for new Crooked River Roundup Foundation Board a success

The newly-formed Crooked River Foundation Board held a dinner fundraiser during CRR week, and raised $112,200. As of June 2022, the Crooked River Roundup now has a foundation. The 501(c)(3), the Crooked River Roundup Foundation, has a six-member board, with Susie Pape as president and Mike McLane as vice president. Steve Holliday and Pape took a breath to sit down and explain the foundation beginnings and purpose and the recent fundraiser that was about to take place that evening.

ZX Ranch was one of the largest in the county

The ranch currently runs 11,000 head of mother cows, 500 bulls, 9,000 calves, with annual herd size of 20,000The ZX Ranch is located near Paisley, Oregon. It was established in the 1880s by a prospector named John D. Coughlin. It was primarily a cattle ranch, and he acquired land under the Wetlands Act of Oregon and by purchasing land from the Klippel family. He expanded his holdings but after 20 years, he sold the marshy ground to the Kern County Land Company based in Bakersfield, California. The company did extensive work to drain the Chewaucan Marsh and develop a large...

Is it really reading?

I encourage any and all kinds of reading and yes, listening to audiobooks definitely counts.It's not surprising that I love to start a conversation with someone about what they are reading. Despite being a librarian, surrounded by books for 40 hours a week, I don't get to do much leisure reading (parents of young children, I know you can relate). Chatting about books with friends, family and library visitors is a great way to build my "to be read" list, which grows exponentially each year. From time to time, someone will defer as I strike up this conversation, saying,...

Prineville motorist involved in fatal crash

Mario Villagomez of Prineville, failed to stop, when entering Highway 97 and collided with a northbound Honda Gold Wing motorcycle, driven by 65-year-old Martin Fox of Manson, Washington.A Prineville motorist collided with another vehicle in Jefferson County resulting in a fatality. According to an Oregon State Police report, the crash happened Tuesday, June 28 just before 2:30 p.m., at the intersection of Highway 361 and Highway 97, one mile south of Culver. A preliminary investigation revealed that a westbound blue Ford Thunderbird on Hwy 361, operated by 31-year-old Mario Villagomez of Prineville, failed stop when entering Highway 97 and collided with a northbound Honda Gold Wing motorcycle, driven by 65-year-old Martin Fox of Manson, Washington. Martin Fox sustained fatal injuries. His passenger, 62-year-old Susan Fox, also of Manson, Washington, was critically injured and transported via air ambulance to St. Charles in Bend. Villagomez was transported with injuries to a local hospital. Highway 97 and Highway 361 were affected for approximately three hours. {loadposition sub-article-01}

My View: Federal funds needed to improve election administration

A $20 billion bill in Congress would help every state make elections more secure with predictable funding. Elections systems in the United States are considered critical infrastructure. That means that like energy, food and transportation, they must be modern, secure and properly maintained. Afterall, these systems support our fundamental political right — the right to vote. Unfortunately, we don't fund elections like critical infrastructure. According to the Election Infrastructure Initiative, a nonpartisan partnership of elections officials, nonprofits, counties and state governments, Oregon is $767,477,251 short of what it needs to fully fund elections over the next 10 years. I love...

Make today a good one

Even if we have a lot of life left, there is no guarantee of the quality of our remaining livesLet's all try to spend today and the rest of our lives more wisely. With rising inflation, we are all having to spend our hard-earned paychecks with care. Life is the same. We have less life today than yesterday. We don't have as much life to spend today. We are all clueless how much life we actually have left to spend. Even if we have a lot of life left, there is no guarantee of the quality of our remaining lives....

Little League: Crook County juniors softball moving on to state

Following a two-game sweep of Redmond, the Crook County juniors softball team now advances to the state tournament. Crook County teams did well at the Oregon District 5 Little League All-Stars baseball and softball tournaments in Madras, and now, one is moving on to the next stage. The Crook County juniors softball team won its district tournament after defeating Redmond twice. First, the Cowgirls won 14-4 on Saturday, June 25, and then they followed that up with a 15-8 victory on Sunday, June 26, that gave them a clean sweep in the two-team bracket. The Crook County juniors softball team...

FAITH: We are all sinners, but we can also be saints

For me, it comes down to how we hold people accountable for the consequences of their actions, while still leaving space for grace and reconciliationHow do we love our neighbors when they do things to hurt us? Many of us have heard the golden rule: Treat others how you want to be treated. Or even the Platinum rule: Treat others how they want to be treated (because not everyone wants to be treated the same). When asked what the greatest commandment was, Jesus said to love God and then secondly to love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:29-31). What happens...

Survey: 93% of pets are part of 'family' for Oregonians

Gentle and quiet, fat and toothless, old and set in their ways - we love our pets anyway.Oregon pet owners agree: pets are best for making you laugh. A survey from Oregon Values and Beliefs Center found that 75% of Oregonians say their pets often make them laugh. Only 2% said their pet never makes them laugh. Roughly two-thirds of Oregonians said their pets often reduce their stress levels or feelings of loneliness. One in three Oregonians have adopted a pet in the past two years, roughly since the start of the pandemic, the survey found. Nearly all Oregonians consider...

CENTRAL OREGON HISTORY: Elk Lake Resort a popular destination

The recreational site on the Deschutes National Forest has drawn many visitors for nearly a century Elk Lake resort is located at Elk Lake, 6 miles west of Mount Bachelor. As early as 1915, people began to forge their way to Elk Lake from Bend on trails that could hardly be called roads. In 1920, a wagon road was built between Bend and Elk Lake, and the road brought an increase of visitors. The years of 1921-22 brought the Allen Wilcoxen family to Elk Lake, and it was Wilcoxen who obtained a permit from the Forest Service to build the...