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My Tinder date stood me up and I was gutted – so I got the perfect revenge on him

A woman shared that she was once stood up by a bloke she met on Tinder but she got the best revenge. TikToker Stine said that every now and again she will still message him asking if he’s on his way. She explained her tactic in a hilarious video uploaded to her account. She said: “Thinking about how I got stood up by a Tinder date a year ago and I still snap him every now and again saying ‘hey are you on your way?” The influencer added: “The best part is he just plays along and is like ‘yeah sorry I’m running late I’ll be...
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A powered-off iPhone is hacker's gold, research shows

Your iPhone may be susceptible to threats even when powered off, researchers at Germany's Technical University of Darmstadt have found. When the iPhone is turned off, most wireless chips, including Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC), and Ultra-wideband (UWB), keep running for up to 24 hours. This way, the phone still remains locatable via the Find My network and you are still able to access items like credit cards, student passes, and digital keys.
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How to record a phone call on your iPhone

There are times when you may want to record a phone call on the iPhone, this can be done legally with the consent of both parties. You should not record a call on your phone without the other person’s consent. If you record a telephone call without the other...

Some iPhone users having iMessage deactivation issue

Some iPhone users are reporting an iMessage deactivation issue on their iPhone, the issue appears to be affecting iPhone owners on T-Mobile. The issue was reported by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman on Twitter and you can see more information about the issue below. There is a very nasty iPhone and...

How to get a free 5G phone from Verizon

What's better than a great phone deal? A free phone! For a limited time, you can get a free 5G from Verizon. Choose from the top-rated smartphones like the iPhone SE 3rd Gen, iPhone 12, Galaxy S20 FE, and more. As part of Verizon's promotion, you can get Apple's $429...

iOS 15.5 Is Here: The New iPhone Features Apple Just Released

The latest iOS update from Apple has arrived. After a developer beta phase, iOS 15.5 is now publicly available to download on your iPhone (here's what you should know before installing iOS 15.5 on your phone). The operating system didn't change too much from iOS 15.4, but it does bring some small upgrades and improvements to apps that lay the groundwork for larger iPhone updates in the future (maybe in the form of iOS 16). Instead of bigger new features like Universal Control, iOS 15.5 offers updates to Apple Cash, Photo Memories and the podcasts app, to name a few.

Nasty Apple bug reportedly killing FaceTime on iPhones

A nasty bug has been going around affecting iPhone users that can cause the iMessage and FaceTime apps to randomly deactivate with no way to turn them back on. The news comes from various Twitter users including prominent Apple leaker and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, all of whom detailed their experience with this bug. So far, this problem is limited to users on the T-Mobile and Verizon networks. That may seem like good news at first if the problem is limited to just two networks.
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How to use your iPhone as a white noise machine

There’s nothing quite like settling into a hotel room bed and dozing off to sleep — only to be woken up by the sound of your neighbor in the room next door trimming their nails at a hundred decibels or doing some late-night furniture rearranging. For just these...

Canadian Ban Puts the Heat on Chinese Tech Company Huawei

Canada is planning to ban Huawei from participating in the country's 5G wireless networks over concerns that the company could take advantage of access for espionage. The government of Canada announced on Thursday that it planned to ban Huawei, a Chinese electronics manufacturer and telecommunications company, from the use of Canadian fifth-generation (5G) cell phone networks due to concerns that the company could take advantage of access for espionage within the country.
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Camera shootout: Samsung Galaxy S22 vs. OnePlus 10 Pro

The OnePlus 10 Pro is turning heads with its brave new design, top-tier specifications, and upgraded camera hardware. Samsung, on the other hand, has armed the Galaxy S22 with a bigger primary camera without paying much attention to its outer garb. The OnePlus offering wants to make a splash as the company’s best phone on the market, while the Galaxy S22 is Samsung’s entry-level flagship, with far modest camera hardware compared to its Ultra sibling. But they are both similarly priced. Wondering how the two would fare in a camera shootout? Read on to find out.

How to Transform Your Android Phone Into a Microsoft Phone

Android is owned by Google, so most of its built-in apps are from Google. However, the Android OS is open source and is pretty adaptive to customizations. This adaptability allows you to modify your Android device the way you want. If you are a die-hard Microsoft user or simply bored with the traditional Google or manufacturer-skinned Android, it is quite easy to replace your phone’s default look and apps with Microsoft alternatives. Let's take a look.
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What is Google Play Protect?

Best answer: Google Play Protect is the collective name for Google's online and offline security components that make sure the apps on your phone are safe and secure no matter where you downloaded them. Google Play Protect does more than scan for malware. Most people who have heard of Google...

Study: App more accurate than patient evaluation of stool samples

An innovative mobile phone application was found to be as good as expert gastroenterologists at characterizing stool specimens, according to a study by Cedars-Sinai. The artificial intelligence (AI) used in the smartphone app also outperformed reports by patients describing their stool specimens. Stool reporting by patients, usually guided by the...

One man’s quest to bring back the small phone

Heck, even Steve Jobs famously missed the boat when he declared the 3.5-inch a platonic ideal a dozen years ago. “You can’t get your hand around it,” he noted about the four- to five-inch being manufactured by Samsung, “no one’s going to buy that.”. Now,...

For Restaurant Owners, Instagram Hacks Create Major Headaches

One day in March, the pastry chef Bronwen Wyatt was posting a picture of one of her signature squiggle-decorated cakes on Instagram when she was suddenly logged out of her account. When she tried to log back in, an error message appeared, so she clicked a button to request support. Soon enough, she got an email back from Instagram that said her account had been deactivated for violating their terms and conditions, which didn’t make sense. Wyatt only uses @bayousaintcake, the handle for her tiny New Orleans bakery for which she’s amassed 19,000 followers, to showcase her work, announce updates to her schedule, and surface her booking link (in her bio). For these reasons, Instagram is intrinsic to her business. She had plans to release a new menu a few days later, which is also when she opens up her orders for the month. “I’m probably not going to get any, because I can’t announce it to the people that I need to reach,” she said at the time.

HomeKit Weekly: A redesigned Home app is at the top of my iOS 16 wishlist

It’s officially the time of year when I turn my focus to what will be announced at WWDC in June. The rumors are always rampant this time of year, and outside of some significant improvements to iMessage, I hope Apple spends a lot of time during the keynote showing off much-needed improvements to HomeKit. So let’s dive into what’s on my iOS 16 HomeKit wishlist.

WhatsApp to launch customer-business chat feature

WhatsApp is launching a new service for businesses to communicate directly with their customers. The messaging system is one of several platforms where Meta has launched more shopping-focused features. Cloud-based software that enables apps to communicate with each other, will open up WhatsApp to more businesses and will be free...