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Chicken bits of rain

You’ve heard the rain rumors for this week, but I can tell you now we’re not promising a lot! A weak cold front will be pushing through today and tonight, then meander around the gulf the next few days. Tomorrow, it will be offshore:. Along that front an...
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Everything’s Expensive! Wanna Make A Fast $12k? Go Fugitive Hunting In Texas!

Margaret Lorrain Smith has been on the run now for over a decade after being charged with capital murder in the death of her then-husband George Smith in 2007. After being indicted along with the man she hired to do the job, Dylan Laughrey, he was convicted and got a life sentence in prison with no possibility of parole. She was able to flee while out on bond in 2009 and disappear. The only female on Texas' Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives list, she was last seen in a Walmart parking lot in San Antonio 12 years ago. She allegedly hired Laughrey to kill her husband, and on August 6, 2007, lured her husband to Surfside Beach where he was beaten to death to the point of being unrecognizable, by Laughrey--according to court records. The motive was allegedly a life insurance policy she was listed on as the beneficiary.
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'Battle on the Beach' Reveals a Genius Decor Hack That'll Transform a Living Room for $75

The teams are back for the third week of HGTV's “Battle on the Beach,” and this time, it's all about the living rooms. In the episode “Living Room Showdown,” the three teams of up-and-coming renovators—led by superstars Ty Pennington (“Ty Breaker“), Alison Victoria (“Windy City Rehab“), and Taniya Nayak (“Build It Forward”)—turn their plain living rooms into cozy, elegant spots for vacationers to gather.

"An ‘abbreviated profile’ of proposed fall Colorado River kayaking expedition" By Willie Younger

Columbus to Matagorda Beach – Tentatively Nov. 2 - 11 Purposes. Provide an outdoors venue for emotionally &/or physically wounded vets to use wilderness-oriented nature therapy to promote inner peace and healing. Create a mutually beneficial partnership with communications professionals and media outlets to disseminate critical information related to...
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Large shark caught off Surfside Beach in Texas

SURFSIDE BEACH, Texas - A large shark was caught recently off a Texas beach. A woman posted photos on Facebook of a group of men wrangling a the shark on the shore at Surfside Beach. "Just saw this while driving down the beach at surf side!!!," said Stevie Jo Tipton...

Stranded dolphin on Texas beach dies

“If a live dolphin or whale strands in Texas, please DO NOT PUSH the animal back to sea, do not attempt to swim or interact with them, do not crowd them," — the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network stated to NBC news.

Dolphin Dies on Texas Beach after Being Harrassed by Crowd

According to the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network (TMMSN), a dolphin died on Sunday, 10th April, after being stranded alive on Quintana beach, Texas. The animal was reportedly pushed back to the sea, where people tried to ride the dolphin and take photos. Once again, the dolphin was stranded back on the beach and was harassed by beachgoers. Photos posted by the TMMSN show people surrounding the dolphin and petting them. The animal died before rescuers got to the beach.