Cat's Terrified Reaction to His New Baby Brother Has People In Stitches

Just like any other oldest sibling who learns that they're going to have a baby brother or sister, a cat on TikTok had a pretty severe reaction to the news. The Persian cat wasn't feeling the new addition to the family. And it seems unlikely that he'll change his mind anytime soon.
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Study says cats can learn each others’ names and those of their owners

“It's been believed that cats are indifferent to things that don't benefit them, but we've learned that they pay attention to the communication between their human and feline roommates. Going forward, I want to study how cats learn the names and faces of other cats." — Saho Takagi, a research fellow who specializes in animal science and initiated the study, stated in an interview with Japan’s daily newspaper, The Mainichi.

Cat reunited with owners 16 years after running away

Ritz the cat ran away 16 years ago, and his owners never really gave up hope for his return. A few weeks ago, a woman who had been feeding a stray cat brought it into the vet with a bad injury. It was about to be put down, but a microchip saved its life. Steve Hartman shares more in "On the Road."

I rescued an abandoned cat: his former owner took him back

*This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events I experienced firsthand; used with permission. My first apartment was a cockroach-infested studio on the ground floor of a three-story building. I lived across the hall from a couple with a large dog that defecated voluminously in the hallway and a plump orange cat named Sampson.
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A beginner’s guide to AI: Machine superiority

There currently exists no machine capable of superhuman feats of intelligence. I’m sorry to be the one who bursts your bubble but, at least for the time being, that’s the way the universe works. It might seem like AI is smarter than humans in some ways. For example,...

Cheyenne Animal Shelter Adoptable Pets - May 19, 2022

I am Kevin who is a gentle soul, patiently waiting for my forever family to find me. I’m a refined, older gentleman who will likely be happiest in a calm home where I can relax and unwind. I’ve done a fair share of adventuring in life and can't wait to settle down for my golden years.

Watch: Florida officials help reunite lost panther kitten with its mother

Video shared by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shows the moment a mother panther was reunited with her young kitten after the two reportedly became separated. Watch the video above. According to FWC, back in March, someone found the roughly four-month-old panther cub in southwestern Florida and noticed...

Parasite that controls cat minds may infect billions of people. The clue is in their eyes.

Toxoplasma gondii is probably the most successful parasite in the world today. This microscopic creature is capable of infecting any mammal or bird, and people across all continents are infected. Once infected, a person carries Toxoplasma for life. So far, we don't have a drug that can eradicate the parasite from the body. And there is no vaccine approved for use in humans.

Cat Spends 365 Days in RSPCA Care Looking for his Fur-Ever Home

Bee Bee was rescued by the charity after suffering an injury to his face. The RSPCA is appealing to find a fur-ever home for a cat called Bee Bee who has been in the charity’s care for over ONE YEAR. Bee Bee, an eight-year-old male black and white cat,...