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Fire damages house on North Washington Street; pets killed

Casper, WYOMING – Casper Fire-EMS officials said this incident occurred right after midnight early Wednesday morning. It happened in the 900 block of North Washington Street. Casper Fire-EMS crews responded to a report of a residential structure fire. The responding crews saw heavy fire and smoke coming from three...

Ben Geller from ‘Friends’ is all grown up – better sit down before you see him today

There are few shows as iconic as Friends. The legendary sitcom had its six stars in the main cast, but there were plenty of guest stars that gave the show even more depth. Some of them didn’t appear too many times, but still managed to give the audience a piece of television history to remember. One such was Ben Geller, the son of Ross, played by actor Cole Sprouse.

Police officer dies trying to rescue drowning 14-year-old boy from pond

In this day and age, police officers so often come under criticism for not adhering to the the values that their very profession upholds. Of late, our boys in blue have faced any number of questions as to their moral and ethnic codes. As is so often the case, it’s the few letting down the many, and the whole police force shouldn’t suffer simply because one in one hundred may be bad apples.