Six convicted for harassing French teenager over anti-Islam videos

A French court has convicted six people for harassing a teenager online over her anti-Islam videos, in a case that has sparked debate about free speech and the right to insult religions. The girl, known as Mila, was forced to change schools and accept police protection due to threats to...
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‘Funny Pages’: Film Review | Cannes 2022

The cinematic equivalent of a dark, morbidly hilarious graphic novel, Funny Pages, which premieres in the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes, marks a fresh and uncompromising feature debut for The Squid and the Whale star turned director Owen Kline. Produced by A24 and the Safdie brothers, this New Jersey-set coming-of-age comedy very much bears the mark of the latter’s grungy, bitterly funny films, with a cast of freakish side characters and unforgettable faces that you rarely see on the big screen. But it also channels the work of artists like Robert Crumb, Daniel Clowes and Peter Bagge, chronicling the real-life foibles of...
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Funny Pages – first-look review

A teenage cartoonist searches for authenticity in writer/director Owen Kline’s pleasingly grubby debut feature. Few things stifle creativity like suburbia, and teenage cartoonist Robert (Daniel Zolghadri) can’t stand it any longer. Eschewing his parents’ expectations he go to college, he drops out of high school, moves out of his family home in Princeton, New Jersey, and rents a room in a grubby basement with two middle-aged men named Barry (Michael Townsend Wright) and Steven (Cleveland Thomas Jr).

Meet the Sitkan behind the music of a certain cynical cartoon squid

Although the show Spongebob Squarepants was carefully directed at a cartoon-loving demographic in the late 1990s, parts of the delightfully offbeat production were a happy accident. Namely, Spongebob’s jazzophile neighbor Squidward, and his somewhat random clarinet performances. The musical genius of Squidward can be traced back to one person who now lives in Sitka, and shares his gifts every week on his own radio program.

1960s Popeye TV Cartoon ‘Quickies’

Fred Grandinetti, author of Popeye The Sailor: The 1960s TV Cartoons, peers behind the scenes of those 1960s Popeye TV shows, which varied greatly from Fleischer’s early movie cartoons and within the TV cartoons themselves. Why the changes? Grandinetti explains. In the book Creators of Life, published in 1975...