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3 ways to resolve conflict when your entire workforce is remote

Even before the start of this pandemic, office conflict has been a thorny issue for companies everywhere. They start first as friendly discussions and group brainstorms, but soon someone starts interjecting with critiques or distracting side conversations spiral into unproductive gossip. And these challenges are made further complicated as we...
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5 ways to work more productively if you’re on the road this summer

When I lost my little brother to cancer in 2009, it felt like a piece inside of me broke. I remember being interviewed on a local TV station shortly after he passed. My brother had gained local fame in his fight against cancer and the insurance company, and television crew came to check on our family. I stood there on camera and uttered the sentence that would change my life forever: “I feel the best way to honor someone’s life is to fully live your own.”
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Two Questions To Ponder On The Road To Transformation And Personal Development

Founder of ICQ Global, developer of Global DISC™, the multi award-winning solution for coaches and corporate clients to level up performance. When coaches talk about transforming people and organizations, what clients tend to hear is that they are not good enough and the process is going to add even more hassle to their already stressful life.

Starting A New Technology Or Product Job

Executive Vice President, Chief Technical and Product Officer, N-able Inc. If there's one thing that’s true about the technology industry, it's that product executives find themselves moving between roles and companies relatively frequently. Many product leaders are driven by constant desires to improve, grow and continue to learn. Being a leader in the same technology or product area over a long period of time can be limiting. Some leaders go from small companies to large and then sometimes back to small again, all in the interest of trying to continually learn and be challenged. No matter what the reason, it happens often — and yet I haven’t seen a single article on what some of the best practices are for starting a new product job.
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Want A Career Boost? Try Speaking Up For Someone Else

It might seem obvious that vocally advocating for a colleague’s idea in a corporate setting is likely to help that person out, but new research suggests that being the endorser could also be an extremely smart career move. A quartet of academics recently conducted two experiments and one field study...
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Take The Lead: Strategies Of Winning Leaders

Winning leaders inspire and enable their teams to advance to the leading edge of performance. This requires a mindful and conscious shift in perspective and action. Where do effective leaders begin when it comes to leading people to summon their superpowers and achieve big, bold goals? Three strategies they use include:

Lessons in Leadership Style: Empathy Works [Podcast]

While in a position of power in an organization, it can be difficult to gauge how effective a person’s leadership style may be. Oftentimes employees are nervous to address issues with their supervisors, especially if they think their managers won’t listen to their perspectives. While there isn’t one right way...

4 Ways to Like Your Job More

Feeling satisfied at work can contribute a great deal to overall well-being. Because managers report being more satisfied with their jobs, it's worth considering whether a management role would be worth pursuing. Cultivating friendships and helping others at work can give someone a positive mood boost. According to findings from...
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Going With Your Gut Can Result in Better Decision-Making Than Using Detailed Data Methods

Summary: People who trust their gut instinct with simple decision-making strategies make equally as good, but faster, decisions as those who rely on data methods alone. Managers who use their gut instinct together with simple decision-making strategies may make equally good, but faster, decisions as those who use data to reach an outcome, a new study has found.
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Time Management Tips for Teachers | Stephen Patterson

Teachers need to have excellent time management skills to make it through their daily routines. At any given moment, a hundred things need to be done, and a teacher knows the priority of those tasks. Still, finding that balance and getting into the groove of things can be difficult, especially...
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The Key to Efficiency in Our Lives

Modern life is characterized by an ongoing race to be more efficient, constantly raising the bar higher to become successful? But maximum efficiency is not always a guarantee of fulfillment. For that, we need goal management and a clear direction from the highest perspective in life. As with a race,...
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The Problem with The Waterfall Model of Personal Development

One of the ideas that I find to be flawed is the necessity of taking time to work on yourself before getting into relationships with others. Like most ideas, it probably has some grain of truth in itself. Under some circumstances, this could even be the best way of going about things. But there are a lot of cases where this is not applicable at all. We define and discover ourselves within our relationships with others. You can’t get better at this stuff alone.
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What makes good managers great

You have good managers but are any worthy of the coveted “World’s Best Boss” mug?. Michael Scott of The Office fame, earned (or perhaps, purchased!) it. But who really qualifies as the world’s best?. Gallup researchers found out. The team dug deep into the data from its annual Exceptional Workplace...
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An Effective Guide to Being More Ambitious

When you’re jaded and complacent here’s how to raise the bar. We all have big dreams. As children, we aim for the stars. Spaceman, train driver, professional singer, and chef were a few jobs I had contemplated by 10 years old.

Involve’s Kim Markus shares why it’s essential to focus on the ‘human element’

For Kim Markus, this is a moment of opportunity. The PR pro is taking from the past year what she calls “COVID clarity” and says there has never been a better time to be in communications. She caught up with us to share her takeaways form the last year and how she sees the future of the profession as part of our “Day in the Life” series.
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70 Tips to Optimize Your Résumé to Get Hired

When was the last time you updated your résumé? Is your résumé formatted for bots or just humans? Fonts, borders, shading, tables, lines, and more matter. Your résumé format should lead to a successful interview to land your dream job, but it could lead to the proverbial black hole when applying online.

The future of work will be flexible — and so will we

When I think of everything my colleagues have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, one word comes to mind: agile. Our professionals have risen to the occasion, quickly and without complaint. They adapted to an almost-exclusive work-from-home environment; they made our clients their North Star; and they showed that we can deliver value and quality while working virtually across time and space. In short, they thrived in the unknown. Now, as we re-imagine the future of work at our firm, I’ve told our team that we won’t be fully returning to our old office-centric ways. Here’s why.

Making agile work for your team: Starter tips

In the last years, we’re observing a surge in companies that want to adopt the Agile approach to leverage its benefits and progress in their business practices. However, the vast majority of these companies are still learning the ropes with only a fraction reaching a high level of competency in Agile. According to the 2020 State of Agile report, 20% of respondents are only starting to experiment with adopting Agile in pockets, not yet ready to commit to a complete Agile transformation of the company, that would mean tearing down the obsolete cultural practices and changing the fundamental values of the organization.

Why Personalized Learning And Engagement Are Key To Workplace Success

“It’s less about a place. It’s more about people’s potential.” This poignant message is emphasized in Accenture’s May 2021 report, The Future of Work: Productive Anywhere, and never has this message been more relevant than it is today. Equipped with the right resources, both on the personal and organizational level, people can be productive in any environment, whether working remotely or onsite. It all boils down to organizations understanding the potential of their employees, helping employees recognize their own goals and potential, and helping them along their paths toward success.