Capitol rioter who posed in fake cell at CPAC says the left is trying to ‘criminalise his art’

A conservative activist and convicted participant in the attack on the US Capitol is lashing out at liberals after receiving widespread mockery for his portrayal of the supposed suffering of his comrades at a right-wing gathering over the weekend.Brandon Straka claimed in a tweet on Monday that elements of the media were trying to have him prosecuted after he appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas over the weekend where he participated in a bizarre piece of performance art portraying himself as an imprisoned January 6 rioter.“At CPAC I sat silently in a cell as a performance...
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Feds ask probation for ex-police officer who stormed Capitol

A former Virginia police officer who pleaded guilty to storming the U.S. Capitol with another off-duty officer deserves to avoid a prison sentence for his cooperation and trial testimony against the other officer, federal prosecutors argued in a court filing Tuesday. Justice Department prosecutors recommended six months of probation along with a period of home detention or “community confinement” for former Rocky Mount police officer Jacob Fracker. He pleaded guilty to a felony charge that he conspired with a former colleague, Thomas Robertson, to obstruct Congress from certifying President Joe Biden’s 2020 electoral victory. Prosecutors have recommended an eight-year prison sentence for Robertson, who was convicted by a jury of attacking the Capitol to obstruct Congress from certifying the Electoral College vote on Jan. 6, 2021. Robertson is scheduled to be sentenced on Thursday and Fracker, next Tuesday.

Electric-vehicle tax credits in Senate bill embraced by Tim Ryan, criticized by J.D. Vance: Capitol Letter

Charged issue: Unsurprisingly, Ohio’s U.S. Senate candidates differ when it comes to the spending bill that Senate Democrats narrowly passed on Sunday. As Andrew Tobias writes, Republican J.D. Vance in particular has attacked a portion of the bill that expands federal tax credits for purchases of new electric vehicles, which he’s panned as a perk for rich people. But Democrat Tim Ryan says the measure is meant to help spur Ohio’s burgeoning EV manufacturing industry, which includes investments from companies like Ford, General Motors, LG, Fisker and Lordstown Motors. Ryan also defends Republican attacks the the bill raises taxes, an interpretation of how Democrats’ proposed 15% minimum corporate tax rate is projected to trickle down to average taxpayers.