Why Tucker Carlson is blaming the FBI for the Capitol riot

The story from right-wing media and politicians about what happened on Jan. 6 has shifted over the months. First, it was leftists in antifa who rioted inside the Capitol and assaulted police officers. Then it was just a peaceful protest. Next, it was a typical group of tourists making their way through the halls of the Capitol.
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Trump should be investigated over Capitol riot, senior Democrat says: 'Follow the money'

US Rep Maxine Waters has called for former President Donald Trump and his presidential campaign to be investigated over his involvement in the insurrection at the Capitol.The congresswoman, who represents California’s 43rd District, made these demands on Twitter in response to her trending on the site following her appearance on CNN, where she called the decision to not investigate the events on that day “unconscionable”. She tweeted: “Logged on to Twitter only to see that my haters have me trending again! Does the truth make you that mad? I’ll say it again: Trump and his campaign must be investigated for...
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CNN attorney and reporter discuss obtaining Capitol riot videos

Dozens of the most significant videos capturing the January 6th Capitol riot have yet to be seen by the public because the Justice Department and the federal courts haven’t proactively made the footage available. Some of those videos were recently released because a group of 16 major media outlets led by CNN sued for access. CNN’s assistant general counsel Drew Shenkman and reporter Katelyn Polantz discuss their efforts to obtain these videos.
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Man charged in Capitol riots leaves CNN reporter speechless with outlandish conspiracy theory

A CNN reporter was left completely speechless by a “brainwashed” Trump supporter charged in the Capitol riot who refuses to believe that Officer Brian Sicknick died during the insurrection.Drew Griffin interviewed Couy Griffin in an unsettling report that ran on Anderson Cooper 360 on Friday, during which the county commissioner pushed the outlandish conspiracy theory.Mr Griffin, the founder of Cowboys for Trump, said in an interview with journalist Mr Griffin that he believed both Sicknick and Ashli Babbitt are still alive.Sicknick, a Capitol police officer, suffered two strokes and died of natural causes a day after fending off rioters.Babbitt,...
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How Congress' upcoming debt ceiling is threatening to ruin summer on Capitol Hill

Russian leader Vladimir Putin quoted Leo Tolstoy after his summit meeting with President Biden: "There is no happiness in life. Only a mirage of it." I’m not a devotee of Tolstoy or Russian literature. But there is a reason my wife sometimes refers to me as "Dr. Doom." To me, the glass is more than half empty, if not down to the dregs. For some reason, I root for the Cincinnati Bengals. A Cincinnati sportswriter once summed up the plight of all Bengals fans with this gem: "The bigger the stakes, expect the worst and you’ll never be disappointed."
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Capitol Hill showdown looms as Republicans vow to block voting rights bill

Capitol Hill is gearing up for a showdown over voting rights with Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer set to bring the “For The People” Act to a vote and Republicans already signaling their blanket opposition to the election reform bill. American Voices guest host Zerlina Maxwell speaks with Rashad Robinson, president of “Color of Change”, Victoria DeFrancesco, MSNBC contributor and Assistant Dean for Civic Engagement at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin, and Fernand Amandi, MSNBC Political Analyst, president of Bendixen & Amandi International, and host of the “Strange Days” podcast, about the battle over access to the ballot box being fought on the federal and state level.
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Confront the factors behind Florida's role in insurrectionist Capitol attack

We may act irritated when we’re teased about our home state, but most Floridians revel — even if just a bit — in the state’s reputation for weirdness. Yes, the shenanigans of “Florida Man” and “Florida Woman” can be a little embarrassing. And there have been times when the state’s often-exaggerated quirkiness leads to it being blamed for things that would otherwise be unremarkable, like razor thin margins in elections.
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New video shows gym owner attacking police officer during Capitol riot, prosecutors say

Newly released footage from the 6 January insurrection at the US Capitol Building appears to show a supporter of former President Donald Trump attacking a police officer during the incident. In the new video, a man identified by prosecutors as Scott Fairlamb, a gym owner from New Jersey, can be seen following police officers and taunting them before pushing and punching another officer.At one point in the video, the man can be heard shouting: “You have no idea what the f**k you’re doing” to police.“Don’t touch me,” he can later be heard shouting in the video as one officer...