What’s Developing: Lakeside Beach Property Becomes Selling Point in Rural Midlothian

A Dallas-based development firm is going forward with plans to build a 3,300-acre master-planned community in Midlothian with the selling point being a lakeside beach. RREAF Communities is developing the 8,500-home project four miles south of U.S. 287 at the intersection of FM663 and FM875. It’s a development that’s just outside the city limits, served by an ETJ (extra-territorial jurisdiction), according to the city’s planning department.

Houston Developer to Bring High-Rise Apartments to Former Site of Preston Place Condos

Houston-based luxury developer Hanover Company announced plans for a high-rise apartment building east of Preston Road. The site on Northwest Highway within the PD-15 district was once home to Preston Place condos until a fire destroyed the development in 2017. The property, which is sited between The Athena and Preston Tower, was sold to Hanover earlier this year.

Write Your Own Romantic Comedy With This Live-Work Property in Downtown Azle

It’s not often you get to write up a house-slash-small business for sale. So when the opportunity presents itself, you gotta take it. Here’s a little cutie in downtown Azle, which is where exactly? Well, it’s a small town of 12,950 full-time residents (as of 2020) on the southwest side of Eagle Mountain Lake. It’s located in Parker and Tarrant Counties, so not too far.

‘The Housing Market Is Nuts’: Experts To Weigh In On Future of Single-Family Living At Panel Discussion On Zoom

A city planner, a professor, and a designer will address the future of single-family housing in a panel discussion Wednesday, May 25, hosted by Dallas Architecture Forum. “The housing market at the moment is nuts, but that’s not especially particular to Dallas,” said Kate Aoki, architect and head of exhibition design at the Dallas Museum of Art, who will moderate Wednesday’s discussion. “The economy is doing strange things which are affecting folks in different ways but at the end of the day, we want everyone to have access to housing that is safe, affordable, supported by the community, and that will lead to growth in equity for all, not just those who have historically been able to afford it. Whether that continues to be traditional single-family houses on individual lots is a big question mark.”

Home Builders Accommodate Demand For Home Offices, Outdoor Retreats In Post-Pandemic Era

It’s been two years since the COVID-19 pandemic blindsided Americans, prompting us to self-quarantine, wear masks, and do the dreaded social distancing dance. Now that businesses have long-since reopened and the kids are back to school, the home is no longer just a place to crash after a hard day’s work. The grown-ups are there all day now in some cases, and that dictates what they’re looking for in a home.

From I-20 to I-30, East Arlington Has So Much to Offer Residents

East Arlington is proof that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to live near where things are happening. East Arlington is a more affordable option for folks looking to live in the American Dream City, Arlington’s marketed brand since 2014. The proof is in the nearly 100,000 people who have chosen to call it their home.

Why Real Estate Agents Need to Think Like a Billionaire

May 20, 2022 | Candy Evans | 1 Comment | Real Estate Education, Sponsored Content. This is probably the most unusual market in the history of real estate: inventory is at record lows, buyers are at record highs (at least in Texas), and there are more agents out selling and buying homes on behalf of clients.