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California Nut Case Is Cracked (It Was Not Squirrels)

Sheriffs in Tulare County, California had an unusual case to investigate last week. A routine audit by the Touchstone Pistachio Company had uncovered an anomaly - a big anomaly. 42,000 pounds of anomaly, in fact - because that, unbelievably, is the total weight of the missing pistachio nuts. Of course, upon realising they'd lost such a lot of nuts, the company called the cops straight away.
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Less Water May Mean Less Power for California

The summer of 2021 could go down as one of the hottest and driest summers in California’s history. “In Northern California, where we get a lot of our water supply, it has been one of the driest 18 months on record in 120 years,” said Goldie Herbon, a Senior Water Resources Specialist for the San Diego County Water Authority.
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California power source at risk from drought

The Edward Hyatt Power Plant has been providing hydroelectric power in California since 1967. But low water levels in Lake Oroville in Butte County are raising concerns that the plant may be forced to close, state officials warn. "This would be the first time we would be stopping it because...

California city phases out oil drilling

OIL & GAS: Culver City, California’s city council votes to phase out oil drilling and remove all existing wells in the city’s 78-acre portion of an oil field by 2026. (Culver City Observer) ALSO:. • The Biden administration’s oil and gas leasing pause unites New Mexico’s Democratic governor and Republican...

A Plea for Farmer Engagement and Government Support of California GSAs

As farmers face drought conditions once again this summer, local Groundwater Sustainability Agencies are still working on the planning and implementation of their Groundwater Sustainability Plans. Watch this brief video with Patricia Poire, Executive Director of the Kern Groundwater Authority, as she shares concerns and needs for both farmer and government support to meet the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) requirements.