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‘American Idol’ Producers Selling Staggering $22 Million California Winery — See Inside! [Pictures]

Two of the producers behind American Idol have listed their California winery for sale at $22 million, and photos show a property that is absolutely spectacular. According to, Idol producers Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick grew up together in Liverpool, and they went on to launch Idol into a worldwide phenomenon. In 2005, they decided to expand their holdings into the wine business, and they bought the property where their winery now stands for $5.2 million, knocking down the existing house on the property to build a stunning Italian-style villa that serves as their facility.
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‘Happy Days’ Star Anson Williams Speaks Out About How ‘Division’ in California Prompted His Mayoral Run

Anson Williams of the classic TV show Happy Days is one serious dude when it comes to wanting to be mayor of Ojai, Calif. Williams is best known for playing Postie on the ABC sitcom but he’s been very successful as a producer, director, and businessman. In other words, he’s definitely more than his on-air character. Williams has proven it over the years since the show ended its run and went into the world of reruns. The actor recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about his run for mayor. He pointed out some divisions within the community of Ojai at this time.

Video of Mama Cow Giving Her 7-Year-Old 'Baby' Kisses Is Everything

There's something so special about seeing adult animals with their babies. Even when those babies grow up, they're still attached to their mom or dads. We can't stop watching one video from The Gentle Barn (@thegentlebarn) on TikTok that shows a mama cow with her now adult-sized son. Seeing these two together has people all over the internet in their feels.

False Advertising Claim Over Allegations That "Michael" Included Tracks by Jackson Imitator Can Proceed

From today's unanimous decision of the California Supreme Court in Serova v. Sony Music Entm't, written by Justice Martin Jenkins:. Plaintiff Vera Serova purchased Michael, an album of music billed as Michael Jackson's first posthumous release. The album's back promised "9 previously unreleased vocal tracks performed by" the pop superstar, but Serova now thinks some of these tracks, the so-called Cascio tracks, feature a Jackson imitator. She asserts Michael's marketers misled her and violated two California consumer protection laws, the unfair competition law and the Consumers Legal Remedies Act, by misrepresenting the vocalist on the Cascio tracks through the album's packaging and in a promotional video….

Video Claims One of the Worst Western Cities in America is Minutes from Boise

That’s a direct quote from a video titled “These Are THE Worst Western Cities, According to the People That Live There” that’s making its way around YouTube. Produced by “Stuck in the Kernfield,” the video dies a deep dive to find out which cities people detest in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and of course, Idaho.

Comedians with Disabilities Act Announces Northern California Tour – Nina G Hosts Comedy Troupe with Four Shows

OAKLAND, Calif. /California Newswire/ — The producers and contributors of the Comedians with Disabilities Act are pleased to announce the upcoming tour of its wildly popular show in October 2022. The comedy troupe is the brainchild of the late comedian Michael O’Connell, who started the group in 2010, and was later joined by Steve Danner and Nina G not long after.
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Review: Meet the Faux News Forebears in TimeLine’s World Premiere Campaigns, Inc.

Jill Lepore wrote about America’s first political spin doctors ten years ago in The New Yorker. She called the California political consulting team of Leone Baxter and Clem Whittaker “The Lie Factory.” TimeLine Theatre Company member Will Allan calls his play about the pair’s origin story Campaigns, Inc. after their company name, and attempts to reposition their serious turn towards national gaslighting into a screwball comedy.