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Soon, there will be only one Kmart left in California

GRASS VALLEY, Calif. - Soon, there will be only one Kmart left in California. The Kmart in South Lake Tahoe will close, as will the one in Watsonville. This means Grass Valley will soon be the only community in California with a Kmart. Grass Valley is a city in Nevada...
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California Nut Case Is Cracked (It Was Not Squirrels)

Sheriffs in Tulare County, California had an unusual case to investigate last week. A routine audit by the Touchstone Pistachio Company had uncovered an anomaly - a big anomaly. 42,000 pounds of anomaly, in fact - because that, unbelievably, is the total weight of the missing pistachio nuts. Of course, upon realising they'd lost such a lot of nuts, the company called the cops straight away.
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California’s challenging new reality

Good morning, California. It’s Tuesday, June 22. California has a lot of moratoriums it needs to worry about. Even as Gov. Gavin Newsom and state lawmakers rush to extend California’s eviction moratorium before it expires next week, another big deadline looms on the horizon. In November, the state’s moratorium on insurance companies dropping coverage for Californians living in wildfire-prone areas is set to end — meaning at least 2.1 million residents could soon find themselves without homeowners’ insurance.
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Frank Sinatra’s Incredible California Estate Villa Maggio Goes Up for Sale: Take a Tour of the Multi-Million Dollar Property

Twenty-four years after the singer’s passing, Frank Sinatra’s estate listed his incredible California estate dubbed “Villa Maggio” for $4.25 million. The nearly seven-acre property in Palm Desert holds a total of nine bedrooms and 12.5 bathrooms in its three structures. One structure is a five-bedroom main house. The guest house has three additional bedrooms itself. Expansive views of the Asbestos, Santa Rosa, and San Jacinto Mountains accompany the home as well.

Kendrick Lamar's California Family Home Is Up For Sale

Eastvale, CA – One of Kendrick Lamar’s owned properties is now up for sale. According to TMZ, a Caliofrnia home that K. Dot. bought in 2014 is hitting the market. The four-bed, 2.5-bath house used to be the home of Kendrick Lamar’s parents and family members, but he moved them to a Calabasas residence worth a reported $2.65 million.
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With closure of Tahoe Kmart, only one store will be left in all of California

The reported closure of the Kmart in South Lake Tahoe will leave California with one of the once-ubiquitous big box chain stores in the entire state. The Tahoe Daily Tribune reported last week the Kmart on Emerald Bay Road has begun the process of shuttering and is expected to close its doors permanently Aug. 22. It joins the Watsonville Kmart, which also reportedly will be closing by late August.

CA Insurance Commissioner visits Butte County

PARADISE, Calif. — Recent wildfires have made it harder and more expensive for homeowners and agricultural businesses to buy insurance coverage. Many residents in Butte County are experiencing that same dilemma, and without proper coverage, they are unable to grow their businesses. California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara visited Paradise on...
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One is the loneliest number: California's last Kmart standing

Kmart’s legacy in California is down to just one last location. Kmart used to have six locations in the state, but financial issues led to multiple closures in recent years. The other two current locations still operating in South Lake Tahoe and in Watsonville will close soon, leaving Grass Valley the single community in California with a Kmart.