4 Knoxville Spots to Take Your Next Instagram Pic

Opinion: There are two types of travelers. Those who plan and those who do not. I am DEFINITELY the aforementioned planner. Each and every time I begin to plan a trip, the first thing I do is check out the geotags on Instagram. This is a great way to see what the locals are doing in each city, as well as what sights are going to photograph the best. This might not be a big deal to some, but for the avid instagrammer it can make or break a decision to visit a certain site. Which is exactly why I decided I needed to make my out of town friends an instagrammers guide to my most favorite city of all, KNOXVILLE!!!!! Below you will find my top 4 Instagram spots in beautiful scruffy city!!!!
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5 Knoxville Coffee Shops That Are Sure to Jumpstart Your Day

There are few things that are as crucial to my day to day life as a good cup of coffee, so as you can imagine, moving to a new city and leaving behind my most beloved local coffee shop was a traumatic experience and one that I am only just now bouncing back from. But since I decided to make Knoxville my new home, I have been wonderfully surprised with just how many incredible options I have for a nice cup of joe. Upon moving to scruffy city, I knew I would have my hands full with choosing which coffee shops to spend my time in, as there are so many, but I persevered and made it my personal mission to visit EVERY coffee shop in town so that I can be sure that I am experiencing THE BEST coffee each and every time. After several months of research, I feel confident in saying that I have finally compiled a comprehensive list of the BEST places to grab your next cup of coffee!