Canada Goose to end the use of all fur on coats

Canada Goose, the maker of luxury-priced winter coats, has announced it will no longer use animal fur on its clothing. The firm said it will cease buying fur by the end of this year and stop using it on its products by the end of 2022. Humane Society International said...
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Greta Thunberg blasts Amazon for destroying thousands of unsold items in a week: ‘Something is fundamentally wrong’

Greta Thunberg has labelled Amazon’s operating procedures “fundamentally wrong” following news that a warehouse in Scotland was destroying more than a hundred thousand items a week.Ms Thunberg tweeted on Wednesday: “‘A leaked document showed more than 124,000 items marked as ‘destroy’ in just a week.’“This is just ONE warehouse. If you have a system where this is possible — and even profitable — that’s a clear sign that something is fundamentally wrong.””A leaked document showed more than 124,000 items marked as 'destroy' in just a week.”This is just ONE warehouse. If you have a system where this possible - and...
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Layoffs on the Rise: Six Healthcare Companies Giving Staff the Boot

It’s been a tough year for healthcare companies of all sizes, from major hospital chains to small rehabilitation centers. Many facilities had to limit in-person services while delaying profit-generating elective procedures. That’s not to say that everyone is suffering, however. Some companies, including Tenet and Universal Health Services, are posting record profits heading out of the pandemic, but many businesses are laying off staff to make up for lost revenue.
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IKEA Finally Responded To Their Juneteenth Mistake

Yesterday, the management of an Atlanta-based IKEA attempted to address the fallout of their horribly executed Juneteenth menu that caused over 30 of their workers to call out of work. For many employees, the foods selected for the celebration were deemed offensive. A spokesperson for IKEA gave People a statement about how they had changed the menu "after receiving feedback that the foods that were selected are not reflective of the deeply meaningful traditional foods historically served as part of Juneteenth celebrations." The company also reiterated how they now treat Juneteenth as a paid holiday and that the Atlanta branch had recognized the holiday's existence for the past four years.
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BuzzFeed plans to go public through SPAC

BuzzFeed, the digital media company known for its irreverent lifestyle and entertainment content, is going public. The New York-based firm, which launched in 2006, said Thursday that it plans to merge with a special purpose acquisition company, 890 Fifth Avenue Partners Inc. The deal, which is expected to close in...

Teamsters votes to support and fund Amazon workers

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, a labor union in the United States and Canada, has voted to formalize a resolution to support, fund and supply resources to employees of in their unionization efforts. Nearly 96% of delegates voted in favor of the resolution at the 30th international convention of...
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Elon Musk says he’ll give a fan a free Tesla if he eats pizza backwards for 420 days

Elon Musk is encouraging a guy to eat a slice of pizza backwards on TikTok every day for 420 days - and in return he’ll give him a free Tesla.TikTok user Kyle has made a name for himself on the app for eating food “the wrong way.” 97 days ago, he vowed to eat a slice of pizza backwards - as in, crust first - every single day until Musk gave him a free Tesla.Musk has recently begun commenting on the posts, and Kyle is now in his fourth month of daily pizza eating. But instead of just giving away...

I’m Putting My Billion In Bitcoin, Billionaire Ricardo Salinas

Billionaire Ricardo Salinas talked with the director of Blockchain Land about his investment in Bitcoin. Salinas has said that he has 10 percent of his assets in bitcoin. Salinas is a staunch believer in bitcoin. One of the high-profile advocates of the coin with the bitcoin hashtag on his Twitter profile.