Burlington County, NJ Government


Burlington Does More than Bang Pots for its Essential Workers

Burlington County is extending hazard pay retroactively to its frontline workforce who worked during the pandemic putting themselves and their families at risk of infection from the deadly virus that killed over one million Americans. The County Commissioners have authorized up to $5 million to be spent for that purpose from the funds it received from the federal government’s American Rescue Plan enacted last year. No county taxpayer funds will be used.

Burlington County defies trends by keeping health insurance rates stable

The Burlington County Commissioners announced that strong financial management will spare county employees from having to face large health insurance premium hikes next year. The new 2023 fiscal year budget adopted by the Burlington County Insurance Commission keeps rates flat for the upcoming year. The rates are assessed on the paychecks of the enrolled employees of Burlington County, the Burlington County Bridge Commission, Rowan College at Burlington County and the Burlington County Board of Social Services to cover their medical and prescription drugs benefits.

Healey Receives PBA Backing

Burlington County business owner and CD-3 congressional challenger Bob Healey today issued the following statement:. “I am extremely honored and privileged to receive the endorsement of the PBA today. This support is especially significant because I am the challenger in this campaign and support from such a significant group as the PBA most often goes to the incumbent congressman.”

Burlington County offering flu shots through Jan. 3

With the start of the seasonal flu season fast approaching and the danger of overlapping infections of influenza and COVID-19, Burlington County health officials are encouraging residents to obtain their seasonal flu vaccine as soon as possible. To assist residents, the Burlington County Health Department will once again offer seasonal...

Burlington County to hold three additional paper shredding events

Burlington County has scheduled three additional paper shredding events this fall to help residents dispose of confidential documents. The first event was held on Sept. 25 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Burlington County Resource Recovery Complex, 22000 Burlington-Columbus Road in Florence. The other events will be held at the same location and time on Oct. 23 and Nov. 20.

Burlington County Commissioners’ statement on the passing of Gov. Jim Florio

The Burlington County Commissioners released the following statement in response to the passing of Gov. Jim Florio:. “All of Burlington County and New Jersey mourn the loss of Governor Florio. He will be remembered as a leader and a statesman who championed New Jersey’s environment, public safety and education throughout his career. He was a courageous fighter who never backed down from a challenge or avoided a vote or action because it might also be unpopular. He was a friend of Burlington County, and we were immensely proud he chose to make our county his adopted home during his later years. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family during this time of loss.”

Attention Voters: Look out for general election vote-by-mail ballots

Burlington County will begin mailing General Election Vote-by-mail ballots to voters who requested one later this week so those voters should be on the lookout for their ballot to arrive soon. Close to 50,000 Vote-by-mail ballots are scheduled to be sent out to Burlington County voters who requested them, amounting...

Most People Have Forgotten About this Creepy Abandoned Town in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the most historic states in the U.S.; because of this, it definitely has its fair share of abandoned and forgotten communities. The village known as Ong's Hat in Burlington County can be found within New Jersey's Pine Barrens. This small community can be seen on many maps throughout history, some of which date back centuries. The earliest findings are on a map made in 1778. According to local legend, the town had just a handful of houses as well as a hotel and thriving dance hall. As industry changed and the landscape of America shifted, the town slowly became completely abandoned.