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No mask mandate coming to St. Joseph

With Kansas City and St. Louis reinstituting mask mandates in the wake of a new federal advisory, St. Joseph Mayor Bill McMurray told News-Press NOW that St. Joseph will not follow suit. McMurray said in an email that he does not have the votes within the council to institute another...
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Missouri among the nation's worst COVID-19 diagnosis rate

As COVID-19 hospitalizations climb, St. Louis is offering incentives for some city employees to get immunized, while thousands are registering for a statewide vaccine lottery. St. Louis said in a news release Tuesday that nearly 6,000 of its workers will be eligible to receive $100 in gift cards and can use paid time off to get vaccinated. The announcement comes one day after a mask mandate took effect in the city and St. Louis County.
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Health department struggling to keep up with contact tracing

With the rolling averages for cases trending upward in Buchanan County, the St. Joseph Health Department has seen an increase in contact tracing. Connie Werner, health department clinic coordinator, said staff has needed to assist their contact tracing crew. “We’re making our greatest efforts. We’ve kept a very small contact-tracing-specific...
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Missouri vaccination incentive part $5 million dollar vaccine education plan

While Missouri is still below the national threshold of vaccination rates, Gov. Mike Parson, R-Missouri, and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services are looking to encourage COVID-19 vaccination. Vaccination incentives will end with 900 Missourians winning $10,000. Local health departments will give individuals $25 for getting the vaccine...
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COVID-19 rebound continues locally

Our renewed surge in COVID-19 cases continues. The St. Joseph Health Department reports a total of 254 new cases in Buchanan County since last issuing a report on Monday; 73 on Tuesday, 84 on Wednesday, and 97 on Thursday. The county now has a 15.43% positivity rate. The department also...
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Estimated one-third of local residents without health insurance

Missouri’s level of uninsured residents is above 10% for the first time since 2014, according to the most recent data from nonprofit organization KFF, formerly Kaiser Family Foundation. But life without insurance can create a major financial strain for residents. That rate is estimated at closer to a third in...
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Buchanan county has lowest vaccination rate in NW Missouri

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) With a population at just more than 87,000, Buchanan county currently has only 17,000 people fully vaccinated, that's only 19 percent. That puts the county dead last in vaccination rates across all of northwest Missouri. A little more than 19,000 or about 22 percent of the population,...
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Pediatricians back the AAP, advise all students wear masks this fall

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) With one month until students head back to school, two national health organizations are offering different mask recommendations for the upcoming school year. Parents, add masks to your back-to-school list. That's the newest guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics. New guidance this week from the AAP,...
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Covid-19 case numbers and hospitalizations continue to rise

(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) Locally, new Covid-19 case numbers and hospitalizations continue to rise. The St. Joseph Health Department says 166 cases were reported over the weekend with Mosaic reporting 56 in the hospital. 53 in St. Joseph and 3 in Maryville. Another woman has died from Covid. She was in...
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COVID-19 cases continue rise in St. Joseph, Buchanan County

The St. Joseph Health Department reports new coronavirus cases continue to rise in Buchanan County with the county positivity rate rising nearly a full percent. Also, the department reports an additional coronavirus-related death; a woman in her 50s. That brings the Buchanan County death toll since the pandemic began to 189. Buchanan County has reported 11,858 COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.
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Health department issues new advisory

COVID-19 numbers in Missouri are surging with the rise of the delta variant, and that includes Buchanan County. The county had 239 new cases in the last week, according to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. The other eight counties in Northwest Missouri’s Region H had a combined 135 cases.
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Mosaic Life Care reports treating 56 COVID-19 patients

Mosaic Life Care reports it is treating 56 COVID-19 patients. Mosaic says as of today, it is treating 53 of the patients at. the St. Joseph hospital with three being treated in Maryville. Those are the. same numbers as Mosaic released Sunday. St. Joseph health officials reported 63 new coronavirus...