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Winold Reiss and the Blackfeet

Winold Reiss was a German-born portrait painter fascinated with the American West and especially the Indians who called it home. So fascinated, in fact, that in 1913 he moved to America in hopes of painting the people he had read so much about in books like “Leatherstocking Tales” and “Wild West” as a kid. But when he arrived in New York City he was dismayed to find there weren’t many Indians there. So he started working — painting and teaching — until he saved up enough money to head west to Browning in 1919, where he spent a few weeks painting portraits of Blackfeet Tribal elders. When he returned east, he put the work on display and it became an overnight sensation, capturing the attention of a number of art collectors, including Louis W. Hill, president of the Great Northern Railway. In those days, Hill was working hard to promote Glacier National Park, which offered a reason for people buy tickets aboard Hill’s trains. The president of the railroad hired Reiss to paint more portraits of the Blackfeet for use on calendars, postcards and other marketing material. Of the many pieces of art commissioned by the railroad, Reiss’ portraits remain among the most famous.
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‘Gifts of Scarface’ was theme at BCC’s International Research Conference

Last week, Blackfeet Community College held an International Research Conference, a four-day event that featured topics from a variety of sources, all centered around the Blackfeet world view. The conference vision statement presented a broad and hopeful set of goals for the event. “It is the vision of Blackfeet Community...
Picture for ‘Gifts of Scarface’ was theme at BCC’s International Research Conference

Commissioners vote to support Browning’s 4-H Fair

All three Commissioners attended the June 14 meeting at the Satellite Office in Browning, as well as Blackfeet Extension Agent Verna Billedeaux who came to ask for the Commissioners’ support for the 4-H Fair in Browning. There was some discussion about past support, and while most said the county...

New senior center blessed

Folks began arriving at the site of a new senior center being built in Heart Butte well ahead of the announced 11 a.m. starting time. The clouds cleared and sun shone on the array of tables and seating set out for Tribal Council members and other dignitaries as Blackfeet Secretary Mark Pollock prepared to assume emcee duties.

Northern Transit Interlocal Expanding Services

Northern Transit Interlocal (NTI), has exciting news that will help every community it serves by providing an additional route. Beginning Monday, July 11 they are expanding their services from Browning to Great Falls weekly on Monday’s. The new route will mirror the Thursday route from Browning to Great Falls.

Art exhibit returns Winold Reiss portraits to the Blackfeet Reservation

For the first time in more than 60 years, the works of Winold Reiss are back on the Blackfeet Reservation, where many of them were created. Through a collaboration between the Blackfeet Nation, Museum of the Plains Indian, the BNSF Foundation and the Glacier National Park Conservancy, an exhibit of nine of Reiss’ original pastel portraits entitled “Connections – the Blackfeet and Winold Reiss” will be on display in Browning through Oct. 29. “We’re very excited to bring this important exhibit to the public and the Blackfeet reservation,” said Renee Bear Medicine, Curator of the Museum of the Plains Indian. “Reiss learned...

Carlyle Ward Fauley

Graveside services with military honors for Carlyle Ward Fauley, 94, will be held Saturday, June 18, 2022, at the East Glacier Park Cemetery at 2:00 p.m.

Three incumbents, five challengers advance

The field of candidates vying for five positions on the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council was reduced from 64 to 10 overnight as Tribal Members made their way to the polls on Tuesday, June 7. Favor was shown to three incumbents who will go on to defend their seats in the June 28 general election.

UM receives $2M in funding to help 1st-generation college students

MISSOULA, Mont. — The University of Montana received an Upward Bound grant of $2 million to provide support to low-income students in the Missoula and Blackfeet Nation areas for first-generation members of their families to attend college. The U.S. Department of Education awarded UM the funds to benefit their...

Tribe requests business proposals in East Glacier, Babb

A request for proposals appeared last week from the Blackfeet Tribe, asking interested parties to rent either of a pair of recently acquired properties during the 2022 tourist season. That season is defined as being from June 15 to Oct. 15. One, the Village Restaurant in East Glacier Park, was...

Reservation life in the ’60s, Memorial Day memories

I did an interview the other day, and some of the questions were about growing up here in Browning and what it was like. Well, I grew up here in the 50s and 60s, mostly becoming aware of life at about six years of age. It was a bit different then for sure. It guided my life and probably helped form whatever character I might have developed. Your environment does that to you.

Brittney Wagner among UM’s Presidential Leadership Scholars

The Davidson Honors College at the University of Montana recently announced recipients of the 2022 Presidential Leadership Scholarship, the University’s most prestigious academic recognition for incoming students. The list of recipients includes Browning resident Brittney Wagner. Brittney Wagner (Blackfeet name: Mountain Snow Woman) is from Browning and graduated at...

Hop on over to Froggie’s Lilly Pad

There’s a bright spot on the corner by Froggie’s and it’s hopping with activity. The Lilly Pad, as the little green building will be known, has been recently painted and is prepping for morning patrons. Owner Joelyn Minarik, hopes to have a soft opening on June 17...

Video launches Valier Mural Project

Community members who participated in the WeCan Community Bootcamp were charged with choosing a project for the community of Valier that could create impact and was doable - low hanging fruit. After brainstorming ideas as simple as getting bear safe dumpsters at the campground to building a community center complete...