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Bottoms up! NYC nightlife honchos suggest al fresco alcohol

New Yorkers would be free to openly drink their cares away in public areas under a new proposal by the city’s Nightlife Advisory Board — but residents near booze-soaked Washington Square Park are already feeling green around the gills at the thought. In a report issued last week, the NAB...
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Models shed clothes for annual Bodypainting Day in NYC

NEW YORK (Reuters) – If you happened to stroll by Union Square in New York City on Sunday, you might have been greeted by an unusual sight: people posing nude, their bodies covered in floral designs and stars painted in bright colors. That’s how a group of 26 artists and...
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Do You Know This Woman Who Hiked Mount Marcy And Changed Someone’s Life For The Better?

Do you know the woman in this photo who hiked Mt. Marcy in Upstate New York back in 2020? The reason why, she helped change someone's life for the better. Meet Edward Levine of Syracuse. Edward just made a post on the Aspiring and Current Adirondack 46ers Facebook group. For those that don't know, when people refer to the 46ers, they are talking about climbing, or they have climbed the 46 major peaks of New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Back in March of 2020, Edward took on his first peak with Mt. Marcy:

Opening Alert: Roma Coffee Bar & Pizzeria, Clifton, NJ

Roma Pizzeria and Coffee Bar is a new restaurant and bar now open in Clifton. They are offering a variety of food and specialty drinks from all around the world — this includes salads, appetizers, sandwiches, entrees, pasta, pizza, coffee drinks, “Roma shakes” and more. In addition, there is a...

Blendid Rolled Ice Cream is Coming This Month to Hackensack

Blendid Rolled Ice Cream has announced their opening for later this week in Hackensack. They are scheduled to host their grand opening on Saturday, July 31st from noon till 8:00pm. For those unfamiliar with rolled ice cream, the trend hit NYC back in the summer of 2015 (. ). It’s...
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What a Bunch of Bull! Bull On the Loose on New York Highway

A bull is on the loose, and it's already caused quite a ruckus on some of the roads and neighborhoods in the area. In fact, the New York Post says the 1,500-pound bull forced officials to shut down a part of Sunrise Highway Tuesday morning. And as of this writing, the animal still hasn't been found. Anyone spot a bull roaming their neighborhood? reports that the Suffolk County Society of Prevention to Cruelty of Animals believes the animal to be a steer and not a bull as first thought.
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Our Style Editor’s Front Hall Closet Features an Ingenious Spot for Tote Bags

Every time Domino contributing style editor Benjamin Reynaert opened the teeny entryway closet in his New York City home, he knew it wasn’t living up to its full potential. For starters, the size—just 2-by-3 feet—and layout were less than ideal: “It was a standard closet with one shelf and a rail—and stuff was just smushed in there,” he says. From paper towels propped between jackets to half-used gallons of paint, the whole situation was, to paraphrase the great Cher Horowitz, a big ole mess.
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Introducing Name Drop: a Daily Trivia Game from The New Yorker

In an age when almost any song lyric, Olympic record, and Linnaean plant name can be uncovered with the tap of a thumb, trivia games could have gone the way of the embossed encyclopedia set. Instead, trivia has thrived in the Internet era. Its anachronism may even be part of the appeal: there’s an analog rush in proving that, after years of reflexive Googling, you still actually know things.
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CFDA, IMG Team Up to Present New York Fashion Week Schedule

In an about-face, the Council of Fashion Designers of America in partnership with IMG released the Official New York Fashion Week Schedule as part of the American Collections Calendar. The shows, which will run Sept. 8 to 12, celebrate the reopening of New York City with in-person shows after two...