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Grandma Concerned for Her Gay Grandson

After he wears a gown to his prom, “Devastated Grandma” is concerned for the safety of her gay grandson and hopes he’s going through a phase. See what advice columnist Amy Dickinson says in this edition of “Ask Amy.”. Dear Amy: I have one son and...
Picture for Grandma Concerned for Her Gay Grandson

Vernazza in Italy’s Riviera

In Rick Steves’ Europe, the travel writer and broadcaster takes us to Vernazza in Italy’s Riviera, the “humble queen” and jewel of Cinque Terre. You can search the entire Mediterranean coastline for the best rustic village, surrounded by vineyards and steeped in tradition, and not find a more rewarding escape than tiny Vernazza, my favorite of the five villages that make up Italy’s Cinque Terre.
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My Comic Books

Writer Julia Nunnally Duncan fondly recalls a youthful pastime: “On warm days I would climb into the bed of the [Studebaker pickup] truck and surround myself with model horses and my comic books.” She notes stories and favorites among those classic comics, her companions for years. One Friday...

Jumble for Kids and Adults: Twins and Games

Play this week’s Jumble mental games and giggles, with twins and games as bonus answer clues. Unscramble the words and the humorous bonus answer. Start with the Jumble for Kids as a warm-up – or share the challenge with a favorite youngster. Build your brain. Mental exercises and...

That Moment in Time

Writer Phil Perkins shares teenage memories of a family trip when he was 16 – a nostalgic tale that speaks to memories in us all. In the summer of my 16th year, things just clicked. I had finally worked off the baby fat that had plagued me on and off for years. And although I’d never been what you would call a shy kid, sometimes I got a little tongue-tied when addressing the young ladies. Even that malady seemed to melt away with the weight.

Should Mom Share Surprise DNA Results?

A mother has learned 36 years later that her daughter’s father isn’t who they both believed him to be. Should she tell her daughter of the surprise DNA results? See what advice columnist Amy Dickinson says in this edition of “Ask Amy.”. Dear Amy:. After 36 years,...

Can Blue Light-Blocking Glasses Improve Your Sleep?

Blue light-blocking glasses have been shown to spare our eyes from issues with the light from computers. Can they improve our sleep, too?. Recently, my brother mentioned he was sleeping better since he got new prescription glasses with a blue-light filter. He wears his glasses mostly for reading screens (both computer and smartphone) during the day while at work. So I was intrigued, but a little skeptical: could daytime use of blue light-filtering glasses make a difference in how well he slept? How, when, and why blue light affects us seemed like good questions to pose to an expert before deciding whether those glasses could help me, too.

What’s Booming: Mamma Mia, What a Week in RVA!

Mamma mia, what a week! The music of ABBA, a Richmond musical legend on stage, and Carnivale at King’s Dominion. And that’s just for starters. Opens Thursday, June 23 and runs through Sunday, July 17 at the Firehouse Theatre, Richmond. This dark comedy by Irish playwright Ronan Carr...

Excerpts from ‘The Little Book of Bela’isms’

Tell someone you have a Yogi Berra quote, and they’ll surely know you’re about to share a quirky quip that has a grain of truth mixed in with nonsense. Stephen Billias likens statements by his wife, Bela Breslau, to Berra’a banter. Billias and Breslau have co-written The Little Book of Bela’isms, a collection of her witticisms, each accompanied by picture and commentary. Billias presents four Bela’ism excerpts here for Boomer readers.

Recipe for DIY Ricotta Cheese

America’s Test Kitchen brings us their tested recipe for DIY ricotta cheese. If you like ricotta from the plastic container, just wait till you try this easy recipe!. You may have heard the nursery rhyme that begins with, “Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey.” But what are curds and whey? They’re two products of cheese making!

Real-Life Wedding Disaster Stories

It’s a wedding, a beautiful event to honor the commitment of love between two people. But not every minute is always so beautiful! Readers have shared some of their wedding disaster stories with Amy Dickinson, who is sharing the stories with readers in this edition of “Ask Amy.”

Travel to the Swiss Alps in Search of Edelweiss

Travel writer Rick Steves takes us with him as he wanders in search of Edelweiss, on a glorious alpine walk through the Swiss Alps. It’s a glorious Swiss Alps morning. I’m spending my day walking with my schoolteacher friend, Olle, exploring the alpine landscape high above his home in Gimmelwald.

Jest A Moment: Take Your Dog to Work

In honor of National Take Your Dog to Work Day, writer Nick Thomas provides tongue-in-cheek suggestions for convincing the boss to celebrate. While many seniors look forward to early retirement, others continue to make the daily trek to the office for years. For those who do and happen to be dog owners, remember that every dog has its day.

Boggle BrainBusters: Find the Countries

Exercise your mind by searching for words hidden in the Boggle cube. The more letters the better – plus bonus words to up the ante. Find as many words as you can by linking letters up, down, side-to-side, and diagonally, writing words on a blank sheet of paper. You may only use each letter box once within a single word. Play with a friend and compare word finds, crossing out common words. Up this week, Boggle for hidden countries.

Wearing a Brace: Advice from Mayo Clinic

Joel Luedke, of the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research at Mayo Clinic, answers a reader question on wearing a brace: will it help prevent injury and relieve aches and pains – even after active play with the grandkids? Luedke examines a variety of supportive braces, including ankle, knee, wrist, neoprene, and more.

Natalie’s Taste of Lebanon

Richmond food and travel writer Steve Cook visits Natalie’s Taste of Lebanon, where the mission – to advocate for and employ people with disabilities – is every bit as wonderful as the Mediterranean cuisine. I’m sure you remember the old Max’s Positive Vibe Café at 2825 Hathaway...

What’s Booming: Bourbon on the Boulevard

Fireflies in Farmville, bourbon on the Boulevard, lyrics on the lawn, and more. It’s a spirited week of art and music, in this week’s What’s Booming, Richmond. Friday, June 17 through Sunday, June 19 at 7 p.m. each evening on the Lawn of the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg.

Roasted Corn and Tomato Tostadas

Crispy tostadas topped with beans and veggies make a great lunch or a snack you can share! Start with this recipe for Roasted Corn and Tomato Tostadas from America’s Test Kitchen, then experiment with your own favorite toppings. Tostadas are crispy, flat corn tortillas sold in the supermarket. They...