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Should Boise Defund The Police?

It's no secret that many people in Idaho want to defund the police. After all, protests have frequently occurred over the past few months, with many people calling for the police department's budget to be reduced.
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Who Ripped Down The Pride Flags Along Harrison

Every city has its political differences and that understandable in my opinion it happens to create some sort of balance in most cases. Boise is no different, people have their political views and sometimes you see the extremes on both sides of the equation however, Boise in general does a good job of respecting each others beliefs. "Boise kind" is a thing and that's why I'm so disappointed that on the day where the Boise Pride Festivities are being announced the Pride flags have been ripped down. What ever happened to live and let live? Whatever happened to equality? Whatever happened to Boise kind?
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Ammon Bundy Announces Run For Governor

Some would call it one of the worst-kept political secrets in Idaho; activist Ammon Bundy will declare his candidacy for governor Saturday at Kleiner Park in Meridian at 4 pm. One would be gravely mistaken to underestimate the Bundy family. They fought the law and won. Whether you want to recall the national attention of their showdowns with the federal government in Nevada or Oregon, the Bundy Family should not be easily dismissed as a political fringe group.
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Are There Too Many Homeless People In Boise?

According to Bloomberg," the coronavirus pandemic has exposed the depth and severity of the nation's homelessness crisis. When governors and mayors delivered stay-at-home orders, many Americans—likely more than one million—had nowhere to go. Suddenly, the plight of those living on the streets became intimately linked to the well-being of everybody else as the nation sought to tamp down a contagion that targets the most vulnerable members of society."

Sewer, houses, annexation, and a huge undeveloped park: 400 log on to hear about city’s Murgoitio plan

Southwest Boiseans have a lot of questions for the City of Boise over a potential land swap of a park site south of Victory Road. More than 400 people registered for a virtual neighborhood meeting on Thursday to hear from the Parks and Recreation Department about its potential plans to annex the 160-acre Murgoitio Park and swap it with a yet unnamed developer for open space in the foothills.
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Is Boise The Best City In The Country?

"I love living here. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made." That's what a friend told me a few days ago while having a conversation over Zoom. He recently moved from Los Angeles to Boise with his family and says Idaho is one of the best places he's ever lived.
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Planned Boise Park Being Turned into Housing, Residents MAD

The crazy uptick in people flooding the state and city is causing land plans to change to accommodate more housing. According to with KTVB, there are 160 acres in Southwest Boise near Victory Road that is owned by the City of Boise. For 25 years the undeveloped land was set to be Murgoitio Park. Neighbors around the area have been looking forward to the eventual development of a park. Now the city plans to have a developer fit a lot of housing into 153 acres, and leave just 7 acres for a park.
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Bond reduction denied for Connie Smith

EMMETT, Idaho (CBS2) — The Emmett woman facing charges in connection with the death of an eight-year-old appeared in court on Thursday. Gem County Magistrate Judge Tyler Smith heard her request for a bond reduction and ultimately denied it. Her bond will remain at $800,000. During the hearing, Smith and...
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Campfires banned at Celebration Park in Melba

MELBA, Idaho — If you are planning a visit to Celebration Park along the Snake River in Melba, be aware that campfires are not permitted due to high fire danger in the area. This means all the designated fire pits will be closed and any fires outside of those firepits are prohibited.