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Poem To Idaho: “Your Plants Are Going To Die”

It's officially summer and for much of the world, it's an amazing thing, but here in the Treasure Valley, your plants are going do DIE! It's a guarantee! And here's why... It's summer in the Treasure Valley, your plants are going to die. You have really good intentions, your plants...
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Round Trip Flights out of Boise This Summer Under $150

There's been several new flights added to the Boise Airport over the past few months and I don't know about you but I pan to take full advantage. Most recently, the Boise Airport launched their new direct flights to Chicago and Austin while also announcing a new flight to Phoenix.
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Locals Gripe Over Henry Winkler’s Happy Days Fishing In Idaho

Happy Days spawned the phrase “jump the shark,” a term used to describe when a show is past its prime and going downhill after a ridiculous story line that changes the tone of the show. In season 5 The Fonz, played by Henry Winkler, literally jumped over a shark while surfing at the beach. The scene was ridiculous to say the least and the show shifted in a way no longer reminiscent of what made it number one in the first place.

Air pumps closed at Barber Park again this summer

BOISE, Idaho — This past weekend marked the first weekend of summer with open float season on the Boise River. As expected, tons of people showed up at Barber Park to cool off. But for the people who brought their own float tubes and rafts, they discovered an extra challenge...
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Green Grass is an Obsession in Boise and Most of the USA

If you asked hundreds of Americans to list the things that they value and that they consider very important, I doubt that any of them will respond with “Green grass in my yards.” And I am sure that the same would hold here in my [current] hometown of Boise, Idaho. We pride ourselves on having a green front yard for everyone to see as they go by, and a green backyard that we can enjoy within the confines of our own fenced-in yard.
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Boise State Lands Fathers Day Commitment From HI Athlete Keenan McCaddy

Boise State got some good news on Sunday, first with the commitment of Hawaii native LB Kaeo Akana, followed shortly thereafter by another Hawaiian standout, Keenan McCaddy. McCaddy is a 6'4 180lb DB/WR from Moanalua High School in Honolulu Hawaii. He camped at Boise State recently and according to reports, blew away the competition and earned an offer right after the end of the camp. McCaddy didn't waste any time, committing just 4 days later.
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Catching a Flight out of Boise -- Where Do You Want to Go?

With more and more people receiving the Covid-19 vaccination, travel is returning somewhat to normal. But what defines the “new normal” is still up for interpretation. For many people, especially as school gets out, travel is top of mind. Road trips, or going camping outside of Boise or even to the Oregon Coast, become top priorities for many families.
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Ammon Bundy Declares For Idaho Governor

Ammon Bundy told a packed crowd in Meridian, Idaho, this afternoon that he intends to be Idaho's next governor. He was joined by members of his family, including his father Cliven and brother Ryan. All three men have fought the federal government and have won. They were all incarcerated by the government then eventually freed.