The Best Early 4th of July Appliance Sales 2022 You Can Shop Right Now

As we gear up for the holiday weekend, there are a bunch of amazing 4th of July sales you can already shop. Major retailers have begun dropping prices on big-ticket items including home appliances. If you’ve been considering upgrading your refrigerator, washer and dryer, or dishwasher, now is your chance to save big with 4th of July appliance sales.
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Bob Vila’s “Must Do” Projects for July

July’s longer days and warmer weather mean there’s plenty of good reason to be outside—and no shortage of tasks to tackle. There’s plenty to do inside the house time of year, too, and the good news is that you can keep cool while doing it. This month’s to-do list includes a little cleaning, a little plant feeding, and preparations for both storms and vacations.
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The 30 Best Eco-Friendly Products of 2022

As we collectively expand our appreciation for the planet, shopping for eco-friendly products has never been an easier way to make an impact and create a more sustainable home. According to a recent study from GreenPoint, over two-thirds of Americans prefer to spend a little extra on eco-friendly or sustainable products, but nearly three quarters of respondents don’t know how to identify them.

Bob Vila Is Honored With the Daytime Emmy Award for Lifetime Achievement

On June 18, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences honored Bob Vila along with This Old House with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 49th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. The longstanding home improvement show joins the ranks of 60 Minutes and Sesame Street as being only the third television program to receive this special Emmy award.

Wayfair 4th of July Sale 2022: Save Up to 60% On Patio Furniture, Appliances, and More

Wayfair is gearing up for a summer full of fun with incredible savings. The Wayfair 4th of July sale just kicked off—and the retailer is rolling out crazy good deals on everything from outdoor furniture to kitchen appliances to area rugs for up to 60% off. Some of our top picks include patio furniture sets for under $300, the ever popular Blackstone griddle (which is discounted $120 off), and All-Clad cookware, which our experts dubbed the best stainless steel cookware.

These Outdoor Features Will Improve Your Yard—and Your Home’s Value

This is the fourth installment of Bob Vila’s Most Valuable Projects of 2022, a month-long series featuring high-ROI home improvements on kitchens, curb appeal, bathrooms, and outdoor living spaces. Each week, we’re pulling from our vast library of informational content, vetted shopping guides, and connections to industry professionals to present primers on the top projects to take on this year.

The 11 Best Outdoor Side Tables of 2022

Outdoor side tables come in handy for so many things. They provide a space to set drinks, snacks, sunglasses, books, and more when you’re enjoying a gorgeous day outside. As with shopping for any patio furniture, finding the right side tables for your space can feel a bit overwhelming.

7 Important Things to Know About Growing Herbs Outdoors

Growing herbs outdoors is much easier than growing them indoors since the outdoors is their natural milieu. Outdoor herb-growing is also rewarding, as it provides the garden with greenery and your kitchen with natural, home-grown flavor. As for what herbs can be planted together, any that require similar conditions usually...

How Much Does Garbage Disposal Installation Cost?

Garbage disposals make it simple to dispose of food waste so it doesn’t take up room in the garbage can or leave an odor behind in the sink. These compact appliances grind food into tiny pieces that end up in either a septic tank or sewer system, depending on the home’s plumbing system. Most units are installed beneath the sink, so they’re out of sight. Garbage disposals come in different sizes and materials, and since there are different features to choose from, homeowners can choose a custom garbage disposal that truly meets their needs.

The Best AC Installation Companies of 2022

Whether a homeowner lives in an area that is warm all year long or they only have to deal with beating the heat for a few months of the year, an air conditioner is an important addition that can help a home stay cool and comfortable. As with a furnace or water heater, many DIYers don’t have the knowledge or experience to deal with air-conditioning units. This is why hiring a reputable air conditioner repair and installation company is recommended to keep the system running efficiently. These trained professionals can complete routine maintenance or replace the old air conditioner with a new, efficient AC unit. Homeowners will want to consider this list of the best AC installation companies for repairs, installation, and ongoing maintenance of the home’s air-conditioning system.

The Best Amazon Prime Day 2022 Tool Deals You Can Already Shop

With Amazon Prime Day 2022 just weeks away from July 12 to 13, it’s time to start planning for the best deals you want to shop. While there will be deep discounts in almost every category from tech to furniture, DIYers and homeowners looking to build or upgrade their workshop can rest assured there will be plenty of amazing tool deals, as well.

The Best Tools Made in the U.S.A. of 2022

American-made tools seem to be harder and harder to find these days. With so many products being made overseas, you may be looking to give your business to a tool company that makes its products right here in the United States. Buying tools made in the U.S.A. will help support the country’s overall economy along with American businesses and workers.

Avoid Volatile Fertilizer Prices With This Alternative for Your Home Landscape

Few would anticipate it affecting gardening, but the war in Ukraine has caused a shift in plant cultivation across the globe. As one of the largest exporters of nitrogen, potash, and other important plant nutrients, Russia plays a critical role in the agricultural sector. Without fertilizers, crop yield and quality are significantly reduced. That, in turn, directly impacts the global food supply. After the invasion of Ukraine, fertilizer prices more than doubled year over year, forcing many farmers to stop buying it. Due to lower demand, prices have started to fall in recent weeks, but that has resulted in supplies piling up and further volatility in the fertilizer market.

10 Ways to Reduce Construction Costs for Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms can be one of the most expensive rooms to refinish within a home. But a bathroom renovation can also be one of the most rewarding projects to tackle, since it can make a huge impact on the comfort and functionality of a home. The issue is balancing the cost versus the reward, but that’s the case for almost all home improvement projects.

The 9 Best Places to Buy Fake Plants in 2022

Not everyone has the time or energy to take care of live plants, green thumb or not. But potted plants and trees can add color and texture to spaces that can otherwise seem barren or bland. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate plants in your home without the hassle of watering or repotting, fake plants may be the way to go.

The Best Sauna Heaters of 2022

One of the key ingredients of an efficient, comfortable home sauna is the choice of heater. There are a number of different solutions available, but it can be difficult to judge which model will give adequate performance and offer good value. If the sauna heater is too small, the air...