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Massive Tornado Twirls Around Texas Amidst Extreme Weather

As a wave of powerful thunderstorms swept over the state, a massive tornado slammed northern Texas. In videos, a massive twister can be seen sweeping over the plains near Morton, Texas, just outside Lubbock. The tornado looked enormous, spiraling down from a storm cloud above and sweeping across the flat...
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Three Tornados Spotted Together In A Field During Huge Storm

On Monday evening, the National Weather Service issued seven tornado warnings for the South Plains. The first warning was for a confirmed tornado on the ground near Morton Texas. The last was for a confirmed tornado near Levelland Texas. A Facebook user shared a video of 3 tornados in one...

'Very scary sight to see' as massive tornado spins across open field

An enormous tornado touched down on Monday and, miraculously, it didn't injure anyone or damage anything -- but it gave storm chasers a sight they’ll likely never forget. Storm chasers in northwestern Texas were in the right place at the right time Monday night when they captured incredible footage of what appeared to be a massive tornado that touched down in an open field. Around 7 p.m. CDT, the first of four tornadoes was on the ground near the town of Morton, Texas, which is about 60 miles northwest of Lubbock, giving chasers a view they likely won't soon forget.

Inside the world of storm chasers

Dauphin County, PA — It's storm chasing season! Every spring, storm chasers travel the long road across the American Prairie in search of that perfect tornado. The tornado in Morton, Texas was captured two nights ago by Megan Dodson, a friend and colleague of mine who works in the Midwest.

Massive tornado touches down near Enochs

A massive tornado touched down near Enochs Monday night, according to Bailey County Sheriff Richard Wills. In addition, torrential rain, straight line winds and hail caused warnings to be issued throughout the area. Wills and his team were driving in the area, looking for people in need of help. “You...

Watch Footage of Terrifying Tornado Touch Down in Morton Texas

Monday, May 23rd, Texas finally received a bit of rain. However, some of the storms that crawled through the Lone Star State produced some severe weather, particularly in Morton, Texas where a monster twister touched down. The tornado was captured by several storm chasers including Ohio Storm Chasers who posted...

Monstrous Tornado Rips Through the South Plains

MORTON, TX – A massive tornado ripped through a small rural town in West Texas on Monday night. The tornado touched down between Morton and Pep at around 7:30 p.m. The storm swept through the area moving east to around the Muleshoe area. The storm cleared at around 10:43 p.m. Check out videos and photos of the storm shared on Twitter.
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Watch: Huge Tornado Touches Down Near Texas Town

A massive tornado about a mile wide touched down in rural Texas near the town of Morton on Monday. Video caught by storm chasers shows the tornado moving slowly over the ground in the area west of Lubbock, and debris and dirt can be heard hitting their vehicle as they approach.
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Cafeteria ladies took care of us back in the day

I never see a printed school menu without being reminded of my own years in the lunch line and cafeteria at the Dora schools. As a species, we humans love to complain. In those long-ago days before cell phones and the internet (also known as the 1960s and 1970s of my youth), one of the only things most of us had to grouse about was school cafeteria food.
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A bird in the bush

MILNESAND - A morning on the stomping grounds of the lesser prairie chicken gives plenty of insight into why the bird's population has dwindled over the decades. It requires a very specific type of land to mate, it's an easy target for predators and the eggs that do get laid have about a dice roll's chance of making it to adulthood.